British Glazed Macarouni

Now for some news that ISN'T causing a shitstorm across twitter. The guys from the "Great British Brony Convention" sent us a press release including guests and tickets and shit.

I've read enough convention press releases to make my eyes bleed, so I'm opting to post this, unread. Enjoy

Manchester, UK - With Hearth’s Warming and New Year out of the way, planning for the Great British Brony Convention is underway again - and with it comes a big announcement on new guests, our Early Bird Sale and the opening of applications!

Firstly, we’re delighted to announce FOUR new additions to our musician guest list. Glaze is a massive name in the Brony music fraternity, with over 200k subscribers on his YouTube channel alone and creating some of the most popular songs in the community, while collaborating with equally #HorseFamous artists on a regular basis. He’ll be helping us make sure that everyone is up dancing on Friday night! In addition to Glaze, we’ll also be joined by three more excellent music producers sure to make GBBC sound awesome - Aphylliate, MrBronyDash and Macarou!

We’re also happy to announce that Early Bird weekend tickets are now available! As a self-funded convention, early adopters mean that we can continue working to get more great guests and plan fun and interesting events. That’s why from now until 31st January, you can get 25% off your pass for the full weekend - that includes the Friday night concert and two whole days of MLP-themed fun for just £45!*. Click here to get your tickets now!

Finally, applications are now open to anyone wishing to perform as a musician, sell their wares as a vendor, becoming a volunteer to help the convention, or simply for any panel ideas that you’d like to see! This is your chance to make your mark on what is going to be a great weekend at the Manchester Conference Centre - visit our Apply page for more information on how you can help.

Many more guests and events will be announced in the coming weeks and months, so keep your eyes peeled (or not, that sounds painful) on our website, as well as our Facebook and Twitter pages, for all the latest GBBC news!

* Includes £1.89 Ticketbud processing fee - sorry!

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  1. And in the best tradition of British MLP conventions, I've never heard of ANY of these fucking people.

    1. Well, most of them are indeed nobodies, but not knowing Toaster requires some level of hip willful ignorance. Or just dumb (un)luck, I suppose.

  2. Brony music is DEAD.