/mlp/ wins Jenkey Memorial Cup

It was a time of celebration on /mlp/ last night, as the horsefuckers fought their way to victory in the 2015 4chan Cup Winter Invitationals, emerging as the victors of the Jenkey Memorial Cup.

It was a nailbiter, with /mlp/ up 2-1, until an equalizing goal from /biz/ in the very last seconds of stoppage time, tying it up 2-2.

The Burdened kept the goal clear long enough for Tracy Cage to take a stab at a goal, bringing /mlp/ up 3-2 in the 110th minute of play. A yellow card for /biz/ sealed the team's fate, ending the final match moments later.

/mlp/'s star managed to >rape his way to Man of the Match status in the end with one goal and two assists throughout the course of the game, managing to not choke despite his best efforts.

Ved had this to say.

The victory against /biz/ comes on the heels of /mlp/'s 7-2 domination of /diy/ on Sunday, having been blessed with quint-7's and quad-6's by [s4s]-tan.

The board now looks forward to the 2015 Winter Friendlies, beginning this Friday, with /mlp/'s first match taking place on Sunday.

Giddy up!

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  1. I'm glad our legal wife, Beauteous s4s-tan, still is looking out for us.