Lauren Faust Charity Update - runner ups put up the cash! (UPDATED)

So, despite a series of speed bumps, including the top-bidder publicly not honoring his $3604 bid, the Wildlife Center WILL be getting their money. According to tweets from The Old Grey Mare, a user named TAFKAL, with $130 of assistance from the original runner-up LatentLogic, came through with $3650 for the charity - $46 more than what the original winning bid was going to be.

Word is that there may be even more money coming the charity's way as a result of all this.
Here, is Tafkal's OC, which appears to be a male Zebra

Tafkal - or "exe2001" - is reportedly from Germany, hence the non-english terms in the transaction screencap. Tafkal was the original 3rd-place bidder. If you would like to donate money to the Wildlife Learning Center, you can do so here


Another bidder threw in about tree-fiddy (we are certain they are not a Loch-Ness monster), bringing the total donation to $4000 - even better than the original bid.

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  1. Bidder comes through, charity gets more money, Cole's OC gets horribly violated. Everything went better than expected, and all's well that ends well.

    Now let's just hope the next fandom trainwreck is even more hilarious.

    1. Is it really a train wreck when we're cheering on the madness and laughing at the results?

      I guess it could be. Maybe I've just learned to stop worrying and love the ride.

  2. Everything was better than expected.

  3. Well, at least Faust doesn't have to draw an OC that looks completely retarded. This thing looks like it could be in the background of a zebra-focused episode.

  4. What good news. The Wildlife Center gets the full amount and more, and Lauren will draw an OC that's actually worth drawing. I am well pleased.

  5. Faith in humanity restored by zebras.

  6. Apparently this guy has porn of his OC too :^)

  7. You know his OC isn't that bad, honestly

  8. >her
    If you are going to insult Purple Tinker, do it right.
    Also, let's be honest here, Tinker has gotten a lot better since circa 2012.

  9. Oh cool! We should ship that zebra with Zecora! They'd look so sweet together! Because they're both so, you know, zebras!

  10. Correct me if I'm wrong, but weren't Down With Molestia, that Boston Bombing "my legacy is more important than praying to Sky Grandpa" shit fit, and "Alcorn sounds like ALICORN, so let's cash in on tragedy!" all after 2012?

  11. shysters gotta make money somehow anon and running "charity" operations for every cause under the fucking sun is how some people make their rent