My Little Pony is now also the greatest cartoon ever

About 48 hours ago, we reported the standing of Friendship is Magic being voted the most overrated animated series by In the same article we mentioned that the series also had a lower spot on the "best animated television series" list. You all changed that.

As if the fandom didn't love taking over polls already, they did it again. Two days ago, Friendship is Magic sat pathetically at number fifteen on the list seen here. After one day you had it up to number nine. And earlier today, it was official. The incredibly realistic and official poll at declares Friendship is Magic as the all time greatest animated series. 

Interestingly enough, in second place is South Park, which will soon be disqualified from being considered "good" by letting Pewdiepie make a cameo in the next episode. Shame. I used to like that show.

After that the list rounds out with The Simpsons, Avatar: The Last Airbender, That one show Seth MacFarlance phones in each week, Dragonball Z, Pokemon, Looney Tunes (which isn't a television series but okay), Spongebob Squarepants, and Futurama. Look down upon these lesser shows, and know that we have won.

Our next target? The worst animated series list, for which Friendship is Magic isn't even nominated. God's speed gentlemen.

I'm actually serious about the Pewdiepie thing though. Doesn't that make you sick? That talentless piece of shit? Ugh, I'm gonna need a drink from the Horse News booze cabinet

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  1. We didn't need to rig it. EQD didn't even post about it. Fuck, this is uncanny. But I'm glad we get to flaunt this in front of /co/.

    1. I voted like 50 times this past week. :P It was easy since final exam week in college. :)

    2. Yeah, voting was based on IPs, so one could actually vote an infinite number of times. But that was true for all the entries, so in the end it doesn't even matter.

    3. *cringe* That comment, 06:29. You tried so hard...

    4. *unsheates katana*
      What the fuck did you just say about me, you little bitch?
      *inserts clip*
      *cocks rifle*
      *aims straight at your head*
      You're fucking dead, kiddo.
      *you explode in a splash of gore*
      *feasts on your bloodied body*

    5. bismuth.jgp

  2. I think one could actually make a case for Last Airbender being the greatest animated series. I mean, entertainment-wise, I prefer pony, but Avatar was just a better-made series by most measures. Avatar at its worst was not even comparable to FiM at its worst.

    1. You're right! Its easily one of the best animated shows ever produced, because it accomplishes what FiM and other cartoons with any pretense of a story arc fail to do: stay consistent and build up to a big damn finale. TLA had it in spades. I'd say DBZ up to S3 also accomplished the same, but TLA was more polished and well-animated overall.

      The best animated show, however, was Megas XLR. Shit was so cash.

    2. Don't think I ever watched that one.

      But yeah, TLA definitely had strong continuity in a way that I've only rarely seen in other animated shows. In fact, sequel series Korra's biggest weakness IMO was that it was more serialised and each season was kind of a separate story (at least at first), unlike TLA which was one big epic story. And you're right; that finale certainly helped. Fucking FOUR parts. I could never imagine a FiM four-parter. Which is a shame, because TLA showed exactly what you can do with a story of that scope. Sozin's Comet was fucking perfect, and I will fight anyone who says otherwise in the street.

  3. PewDiePie on South Park...