Hasbro makes "Worst Pony" Tshirt

Just in time for the Holiday shopping season, My Little Pony has been releasing a series of tshirts for girls, at Walmart stores across the country. Most notably among them is a shirt that admits once and for all, that Rainbow Dash is worst pony.

"Is it too late to be good?" the Tshirt asks, emblazoned with the image of the pony most frequently canned as being "just awful" by everyone who is really paying attention. Is it too late for a pony who voluntarily sold her friend into slavery despite being the element of Loyalty to be good?

Of course it is.

There's no writing that kind of lapse back out of the hole.

You can own this worst pony tshirt for under $8 at your local Hell gate.

Comments (13)

  1. Finally Hasbro gets their shit right.

  2. Wait, this isn't a Rarity shirt

  3. >Implying you wouldn't sell Fluttershy into slavery for a book too

  4. Or you could say that Rainbow Dash got that hippie a job. A job that pays in books. For someone else.

    Better not mention this to Twilight.

  5. It's almost 2015 and Hasbro finally made something that doesn't use the same seven pieces of concept art. Kudos to them.

  6. Keep going strong HN, only a few months left!

  7. You know, as a Twifag, I never got that here.,Dash is supposed to be mischevious, but not evil, you know , the guy who does whatever he wants but still is a bro and all.

    Horse News is supposed to be the same thing, hell, 4chan is supposed to be the same thing. After all, even if he deserve it, you bullied soundmonkey out of the internet, and you're the one always looking for drama left and right.

    So why are you always trying to shun the one who for once, in a show for little girl, represent the closest to us? The one who, of all of them, could actually do the same stuff you guys do online?

    The double standard always eluded me. Bonus point if you're all applefags.

    1. Fuckin' this!!! ^

    2. >blue fast is literally the logo for this entire website
      >"why are you always trying to shun skittles pone?"

      Are you new here?

    3. Its a love-hate relationship. We love to hate her, hate to love her, love to ship her, hate to relate to her, would hate to see her in a relationship, and would love to be in a relationship with her.

  8. >Implying it's not just for the meme.
    I know some (like Capper) are above that, but a lot of /mulp/ autist aren't. Like that Krupam faggot above, I've seen his Applejack recolor plenty of time here and there.