Theater Behavior Post-It for Bronies Who Love Fun

With Rainbow Rocks in full-swing across theaters and scores of horsefuckers making pilgrimage in the wee hours of the morning (who gets up before 10am anyway?) Horse News is partnering with Equestria Daily to make sure that any/all lovely bronies have a nice time at the theater while not teaching premature furries what /x/ is before they can handle being stalked by Skinwalkers (the secret is injecting them with ecstasy).

You can find EQD's bit here; the following is HN's own take on proper Brownie theater etiquitte:

1. Be sure to bring enough marinara sauce for when the eventual hot mom comes into the showroom. The starving homeless guy behind the theater will thank your red, warm, meaty donation. 
2. Limit throwing toddlers at the screen during the Flash Sentry scenes to 1 (one) per scene. Everyone needs their shot at showing that smug fuck what's what. 
3. Canadians are known for their sharp hearing. Be sure to clap as loud as possible during any/all scenes you find even remotely amusing to thank our Canadian overlords for blessing us with this movie.
4. There is a Derpy scene. You will want to do many things while watching this scene. Follow your heart when watching; if you feel the need to start flicking your triple-chin sweat into the buttered popcorn of the brony next to you, feel free to. If you feel a sudden rage at this derp-eyed horse and wish to see more of your favorite Moonbutt, feel free to yell "NEW LUNAH REPUBLECH" as loud as possible. You are who you choose to be during this moment of cinematic inspiration, genius, and imagination. 
5. Since the children in the aisles are un-educated plebians in regards to most of the pony fandom's inner memes and cultures, feel free to discuss your favorite ships and theories including, but not limited to, Transformers and Doctor Who. Making mention of certain mature-themed comics loudly during the Sunset Shimmer scenes can and will be a regular aspect of Rainbow Rocks theater showings.
Have fun watching Rainbow Rocks in theaters with all your fun brony friends! Pony up /)!

Comments (5)

  1. This is exactly what happened. I enjoyed the movie, but in hindsight I should've paid the film reel guy to play this before it:

    How to watch a movie in a theater.:

  2. >Horsefuckers and Brony's meeting to watch the movie
    here we go...

    1. I had to deal with my over-talking friend, a landwhale who wouldn't stop saying "YES!" or clapping, and an obscene amount of stupid laughter from the peanut gallery.

      At least the movie was sick.

  3. I made my horsefucker pilgrimage twice! beat that. :P

    1. I made it three times, and the movie crashed the third time, gaining me a free movie pass to another movie. You're welcome.