A Rainbow Rocks Review by a Guy Who Didn't Even Watch the Movie

I can relate.
For a guy who's been on the ride since November of 2010, I've been doing an awfully shit job at keeping up with the latest horse releases. Maybe this is my calling card, maybe this is the part where I get off the ride. I'll be basing my review of this movie solely off of screencaps and gossip while trying to be funny for your amusement; I'm sorry in advance.

A fart fetishist's paradise.

Supposedly, the story revolves around a group of deplorable cunts who feed off hate and cause drama wherever they go. Oh, and it also has something to do with a cliche redemption of the previous movie's deplorable cunt.

Pictured Above: The deplorable cunts.

Once upon a time, these three caused shit to go down in Equestria. Starswirl said fuck that noise and banished them to Earth or whatever place with grossly pigmented skin for the purpose of political correctness is meant to represent.

The original neckbeard.

Everyone still hates Sunset Shimmer for the shit she pulled in the first movie (which I also haven't watched) but everyone knows the magic of friendship will prevail in the end, right?

The entirety of Horse News can be expressed in this picture.

Probably, fuck if I know. All I know is that this movie was supposedly very good at catering to their target demographic: 12 year old girls and their parents' wallets. 

Shoo be doo.

I'd take a gander that the script and overall writing of this movie isn't deserving of any awards, which is to be expected. I hear the songs range from meh to okay so I'll give it that. Nonetheless, we'll have to put up with predictable plotlines and waifu thieves.


All in all, I say the movie sounds like shit. I wouldn't bother spending my money on theatre tickets and overpriced condiments to see it. Matter of fact, I probably won't get around to watching it anyw-


I retract my previous statements. I'm gonna go watch the shit out of this movie. 11/10 it's okay.

Comments (6)

  1. >glasses twalot
    Unf indeed

  2. I woke up early to see the premiere. Not even a 12yo girl.

  3. >that nerdy scientist Twilight
    It was all worth it.

  4. I regret about your article being buried under Ted Anderson's neckbearded fat ass and I feel sorry for you. Sorry....

  5. Brilliant review, quality horse journalism. Thank you.

  6. i've watched the camrip version on youtube, good quality enough and actually judge of the quality to see that this movie has
    - nothing or little to do with pone
    - meh soundtrack, if you like Bieber, Madonna or whatever pop shit
    - muh minimalist animation and character design
    - scenario way below the skills of the writers of the series
    - awkward, really. out of 6 characters, they picked Purplesmart and centered everything on her.
    - the best moments of that movie belongs to based pinkie and her sister.
    - writers have an underdeveloped sense of humor and irony
    - story makes no sense, like all the life and universe revolves around a school and its dumb musical contest
    - the "antagonists" appears to be more pleasant than the protagonists, if ever, since it looks like a little dumbing down
    - if you enjoyed MLP FIM the series you will hate that girly, one hour long advertisement.