Rainbow Rocks Soundtrack Delayed due to Satanic backmasking

Earlier today, the Equestria Girls 2: The Search for More Money Soundtrack was supposed to be released, as promised by Hasbro and the show staff. Meghan McCarthy even expressed excitement at the prospect yesterday, and was disappointed to announce a delay in the release due to "unforeseen circumstances". Though there is no official word what the reason is, our mole on the inside of DHX reports that it is due to the satanic messages contained within.

Much like the Pokemon Red/Blue Lavander town theme song, reports have come in of test audiences becoming moody and violently ill upon hearing the charming melodies. At first Hasbro believed this to be because the fact there's a sequel to Equestria Girls can cause that reaction on its own, and pushed forward with the release of the soundtrack, inexplicably before the release of the film itself. That is, until the accident.

Reports indicate that one of the test subjects for the iTunes launch was found standing naked in the street outside the Vanccouver offices, covered in what appears to be human blood. Emergency personell could not elicit a response from the man when asked how he got there or whose blood it was, as the man had no apparent injuries. When taken into police custody, the man, whose name has not been released was heard muttering repeatedly "The Dark One is coming, Nine Two Seven, The Dark One is coming, Nine Two Seven". Speculators believe this is in reference to the release date of Rainbow Rocks on September 27th of this year. 

Investigors arrived at the man's home in search of clues, and what they found has been kept under strict secrecy. Our mole reports that the walls of the man's bedroom were found plastered with photos of Sunset Shimmer in her demon form, with the words "Reverse", "Dark One", "Too late," and "Ingram" written in blood across them. He was evidently playing the Rainbow Rocks soundtrack in reverse, it is unsure what he heard there-in, though it is believed to be Satanic in nature. The computer was found with a cracked screen, which puzzles detectives, as the glass appears to have broken outward, something that shouldn't be possible.

Hasbro has delayed the release of the soundtrack while the investigation is underway. HN has acquired a leaked, pirated copy of the soundtrack, which I will now listen to in reverse to determine what the messag

Editor's note: Liki Weaks was writing this article earlier today, we found it in the "Draft" section of the website, unfinished. We are unsure why he has not responded to any messages in the last few hours, but we're on a deadline so it is being posted as-is.

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  1. And then it was uploaded to iTunes later that day anyway.

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