Tidbits: Medusa, DashCon, EFNW, Ponyville Ciderfest, and 9/11

Fuck yeah bitch it's time for Tidbits!

Lauren "Mama" Faust did a "Behind the Scenes" interview for Medusa, the upcoming Sony Pictures Animation project she's working on. It's pretty Neat. What else we got?

In an announcement that surprises exactly 6 people, DashCon has announced "We Ded Now". They're in a shitton of debt, and they're "liquidating" their "assets". Whether these assets include balls is yet to be seen. But don't worry, it sounds like we'll get to see Dashcon round two soon enough.

"Two of the three owners of DashCon, Cain and Megg, are now functioning as So Attacked Entertainment LLC, which will be hosting an event called Emoti-Con"

Everfree Northwest is apparently recruiting new crewmembers, in a process that we can only assume has the same nuance and selectivity as picking up a pirate ship crew in the 18th century.

Ideal candidates are able-bodied, free of scurvy, rarely seasick, and able to not confuse the convention with Everfree Network.

Everfree Northwest Looking for Volunteers!
Do you want to help make Everfree Northwest 2015 the best convention that it can be? Then EFNW wants you! Volunteer Applications for the Pacifics Northwest's premier MLP fan convention are now open on our website at http://everfreenw.com/volunteer !
There are currently many open volunteer positions currently available such as Guest Relations, Productions, Public Relations, Music, Writing, Logistics, Charity, Cosplay, Electronic Gaming, Tabletop Gaming, and many, many more! View all the open positions with detailed descriptions from over a dozen departments at http://everfreenw.com/open-positions .
Don't wait, apply today!

Ponyville Ciderfest realized the non-neutrality of their ways and have moved to end the great passive agression from earlier this week, and also sent us the first press release we've received from them since the last one. In it, was news that surprises nobody who's really paying attention, informing us that BlackGryph0n will be a guest at Ponyville Ciderfest. Gabriel Brown (seen here in this file photo pouring chocolate sauce on Michelle Creber) tends to attend every con that the Crebers do, so this is not really news.


The two are also going to perform together, it is unclear if this will be a part of the act. But if you're down for some acoustic guitar, well there's that.

The satanic messages hidden within the Rainbow Rocks soundtrack have supposedly been stripped out in time for the release last night. Horse News has acquired a copy of it, and will give a full analysis, just as soon as Liki Weaks is located again.

Today is 9/11. Twitter feeds will be filled with stuff like this. So beware.
Also a day to avoid statements like these:

Last but not least: This is happening.

Comments (13)

  1. "Mama" Faust's efforts on Medusa still leave me unconvinced. If she's let anywhere near the script this movie is dead in the water. Otherwise, could be okay.

  2. Faust is good at characters and world building, as in the general setup and arc. Actual scripts not so much, I agree. Nevertheless, modern screenplays are so cringeworthy that I hope she is let near the script to at least spice things up. We don't need another bland Dreamworks/Frozen/whatever screenplay shit.

    1. > Nevertheless, modern screenplays are so cringeworthy that I hope she is let near the script to at least spice things up. We don't need another bland Dreamworks/Frozen/whatever screenplay shit.

      That's true. She could spice it up, and I would like something a bit different. But I'd also like it to be good, and evidence shows that it likely wouldn't be with her writing it. So I guess it's pick your poison. Boring bland cringe script? Or different and refreshing script that falls all over itself with problems?

  3. >Sony

    Welp. It's going to be shit.

    1. Wouldn't you have said that about Hasbro in 2009?

    2. ... Was I talking to you, queer?

  4. >Today was a good day for TRIXIE! -Equestria Daily on 9/11

    Remember guys, we're the bad ones.

  5. Fuck 9/11.

    Saying that because dwelling on that occasion means letting terrorists win.

    Also, go Faust!

  6. Praise the Faust!

  7. I wonder how many people only care about Medusa because Faust works on it (as in, don't actually care about the movie at all).

  8. So, seeing your mentor nearly burn two worlds while trying to get to her lost love wasn't enough for you, young Princess Sparkle? You are willing to unbalance the planes with jacked-up magic hax outside of the natural two-and-a-half-year timeframe just to win a battle of the bands and beat three lone sirens?

    Good luck. May the plot armor be with you.

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