/mlp/ Green-texter Finally Realizes He Just Writes Smut

After countless stories spanning nearly every general on /mlp, one Anon came to a bitter realisation that he was writing horse erotica. Only as he was writing part of a story when Braeburn was getting railed by 16 guardsmen did he stop to truly think about what it was that he was typing out. 

"Never had Braeburn felt such pleasure as he did when there were 16 fat horse cocks lodged in his now gaping anus," read the Anon as tears began to well in his eyes, hands shaking over the keyboard. As the posts piled in, asking where the story was, why isn't it finished yet, etc., Anon closed his WordPad, now weeping hysterically. "Oh my god," was all he could say as he opened his green-text folder. The screen exploded with hundreds of thousands of documents, all full-length stories, from every general, past and future. "I've even made generals, just so I could post this shit and be cool," he said through spaghetti tears. "I even made out stories for generals that don't exist." Anon then began frantically destroying everything, even going so far to remove current, unfinished stories on /mlp/. When asked if he'll still lurk, all he could mutter was teary-eyed gibberish as he browsed through his pony porn folder, only causing further hysterics.

"I can't believe I actually wrote over 300 fat pony stories."

Generals began to erupt in flames, eager to get pleasure from someone else's work. Thread after thread reached critical mass, 404ing in quick succession. A well-known janitor idly smiled as threads came and went within minutes, not having to lift a finger. The entire board panicked, with no green-text to be found. Screencaps were posted, but they too went down the internet drain. Green-text production came to a grinding halt, forcing others to actually fucking write for once since elementary school.  The casualty rate is expected to be catastrophic.


"I cried then slowly got an erection" -  CapperGeneral

"9/10; Atleast it's not on Disney Channel" - ign

"Spaghett finally showed us he's not some useless jew" - /b/

"I mean it's not on EFN so it's not complete shit" - Sethisto

"3/5; Spaghett finally wrote something" - MLPcritic

"[insert mediocre sketch/yelling here] It's shit!" - Nostalgia Critic

congrats on such high reviews Spaghett-senpai :3  ~Critic

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  1. I came twice.

  2. Actually really fantastic, I kinda had a similar idea, but was too lazy to write it
    nice article

  3. When you really think about it, almost every single >greentext story is the exact same thing, with everyone and everything being completely interchangeable.

    Almost every one.

    1. But then we get fantastic stories where Anon grudgingly clones himself and some heavy weaponry using the mirror pool, embarking on a bloody siege against thousands of changelings, all cuz he has the hots for Flutterbutter, and he wants his shit back from the princesses holy fuck they didn't even do anything with it.

  4. What the fuck is >green text?

    1. You must be new here. http://knowyourmeme.com/memes/green-text-stories

      ~Super Trampoline

    2. >2014
      >on 4chan-spawned site
      >Not knowing what greentext is.


    3. Also, what the fuck is 4chan?

    4. it's 4chan's name for meme arrows

  5. Failure is the mother of success, where falls right up there, that is successful.