Hasbro announces Mega Mare-athon

As if the forces that be at Hasbro haven't taken enough of our lives as is, it seems they want even more of both your soul and social life. Their plan? A marathon of all 91 episodes, over 45 hours of pony (counting commercial time for GAK!), to drain any chance of social life from it's weak minded followers.

God have mercy on us all.

Today the Hub Network twitter decided to announce the approaching pony-pocalypse, naming it the Mega Mare-athon. Beginning on Monday, August 4, the Hub Network will begin airing every episode of My Little Pony it has in its deep underground bunker, almost two whole days of glorious pone to kick off the school year for all the kiddies. We apologize to the average Brony, but while you're getting beat up in gym, your only friends will be going on adventures of friendship with out you.

How long will you make it? Will you be watching Discord at 1 am? Or how about revisiting the worst season ever in the after noon the next day? As the wee hours of the second night come and season 4 starts, who knows what could happen during the Mega Mare-athon. Hell, maybe those sleep deprived hallucinations will pay off...

"No pony, he'll like that!"
Grab your camera and document your own autism, cancel any remnants your "social life", tell your boss you have ponies to tend too (heck, invite them over!), and get your supplies ready. You have 45 and a half hours of glorious ponies to watch. Prepare your body, for the day is soon upon us.

We warned you. Long ago we warned you, but you didn't listen. They have taken over. Horse News can only do so much to fight the autism. Go home and prepare. We're sorry.

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  1. Why Hasjew? Did you spend all the Season 5 production money on another lousy movie (Rainbow Rocks) and now have to jew up to bronies?

  2. >the Hub Network will begin airing every episode of My Little Pony it has in it's deep underground bunker
    >in it's deep underground bunker

  3. This article is so plain and SFW I could be reading it on EQD.

    1. Then our illusion as a credible news source is complete

    2. >Our


  4. >less than 24h until summer cup
    I am become hype

  5. >not hyping
    >not being one of those 1000

  6. I paid $17,000 dollars for this hype and all I got was 1,000 anons pissing into a kitty pool ball pit.

  7. >listening to music
    >open page in a new tab
    >keep browsing
    I don't remember this song sounding like this...