MLPFacts Discontinued, Nobody Notices or Cares

An animated GIF, shamelessly borrowed from Derpibooru.

 In what might just be the most anticlimactic non-event since the release of the Atlas Shrugged movie adaption, the somewhat popular pony Twitter bot @MLPfacts was apparently "discontinued" for some reason, much to the chagrin of...pretty much nobody, from what we've observed.

Generic bot profile.
Fixing avatars is too much work for a busy boy like EpicLPer.
 According to its profile, @MLPFacts is basically just a bot that tweets a fact related to My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic every hour, except with a disclaimer stating "DISCONTINUED, no updates anymore". This hasn't stopped the bot from operating, however, spouting out little-known facts such as:
Generic MLPFact.
Evidently 9 people have never watched Season 1.
More generic than your average chick flick.
Huh, I always thought it was Nicolas Cage.
It's like cancer: the Twitter feed.
Please, no more.
$100 to whoever puts this bot out of its misery
  Alright, so it basically just tweets things that should be pretty much common knowledge among anybody in the pony fandom. At least it isn't that popular, right?

7,027 are suffering from internet cancer as we speak.

 The fact that this pretty much dead account is still gaining followers and a consistent amount of retweets is pretty saddening, to say the least. Apparently a growing number of pony fans lack even the most basic familiarity with Season 1 and 2 of My Little Pony, and rely on an hourly Twitter feed to get their pony fix instead of actually going back and watching the show that they profess to love. Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the modern fandom: where those too lazy to actually watch a TV show (which shouldn't even be possible, but apparently it is) just look up everything about it in order to look knowledgeable and well-versed in pone.

 Given that @MLPFacts gained such a large following in an incredibly cheap manner, parody accounts were bound to spring up around it like cheap watches modeled after your average Rolex. EpicLPer found this greatly offensive at the time, given that he took his bot quite seriously and all back then, but the problem was that most of them were far more entertaining than the rather dull creation they were based off of, the most notable of which is undoubtedly the somewhat active @MLP_FREE_FACTZ.

100% reliable and free
So much freedom, it's like America had a threesome with the GPL and Creative Commons.

 And on a final note, usually when a well-known service is "discontinued" people tend to lament over it somewhat, yet throughout all my researching for this article I was entirely unable to find anybody even commenting on the subject. It's somewhat fitting, really, that the people who need a Twitter account to tell them the most basic information about My Little Pony are too oblivious to bother reading an account description to realize that their newfound source of information has been spewing out the same shit for over a year without outputting anything new whatsoever. Maybe they'll figure it out eventually, but given their track record it's rather...unlikely, to say the least.


 Shortly after this article went up the bot's Twitter page was set to private and its current curator announced that he was giving the bot to somebody else.

tl;dr: If you whip together some shit and haphazardly slap some ponies onto it, people will flock to it. Case in point. You and us.

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  1. Well this just butters my crumpets.

  2. Internet butthurt is best butthurt.

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  4. I can't stop looking at rainbow dash she is so cute!

  5. this epiclper should take down this kind of butthurt