Convention Professionalism: New Con Show Promise

Massachusetts Bronys rejoice! A My Little Pony convention has just been announce for your area for the weekend of July 15th! With an impressive lineup and professional organization, never before have we seen a con like this.

"aMareiCon," a My Little Pony Convention based in Springfield Massachusetts, recently put up a page on Eventbrite detailing its 3 day event. It will feature an "incredible panel lineup," a completely original possible concert dubbed "Mare Palooza" [It is not clear whether it will feature music or a full fledged orgy, We have correspondants researching this now], vendors, screenings, contests and more.

With a fee of 60$ for a three day pass, this conventions price nears that of other large professional conventions like Bronycon and BUCKcon. It appears that most of the funds collected from the pockets of bored local bronies will go towards helping keep aMareiCon as professional and legit as possible.

The location of aMareiCon shows that the convention organizers are thinking ahead of the game and planning accordingly for many, many people. 
"The con space is a requerment [sic] and suitable to fit more people."
Other than an in-depth 8 line description about aMareiCon, and a generous 60$ three day pass, aMareiCon shows its true colors with a copy pasted description about the show at the bottom of the event page. Avid fans of the show My Little Pony, aMareiCon is not afraid to show their devotion by using the actual TV Guide description on their event page. In fact, the description about the show is almost twice as long as the description for the con! Now thats dedication.

This is shaping up to be a very proffessional and well run con, maybe even better run than BUCKcon, and we at Horse News hope to have correspondants on the scene to cover all of the drama ensuing shenanigan that will occur at aMareiCon. Though beware, refunds will take 2 or more weeks to process.

Source:; HNN White Knight iReport

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  1. "mlp convention for the new england area were u meet the artist for my little pony"

    Better than Unicon

  2. Dump a barge full of spaghetti on the con center

  3. a mareicon



  4. w00000t!

    yay i live in mass woot

  5. This con is scheduled for July 2015 - thirteen months from now. Hardly a "last minute" con.

  6. Springfield a shit. Worse than Detroit in some places.

    Honestly, they missed a big opportunity to have "Maresachusetts" in the name of this con.

  7. mfw I realize this is not fabricated by the author of the article or any of his friends

  8. I think the Chicopee V.F.W. might have an opening for then.

  9. And of course it's at the MassMutual Center. I think I'll just stick to spending my money on Falcons games instead.