Heavenly Nostrils artist does Pony Comic Cover

Dana Claire Simpson, perhaps better known by her DeviantArt name "Pendantia", or her work as the artist behind the "Heavenly Nostrils" webcomic, announced this evening that she created one of the official variant covers for Issue #20 of IDW's Friendship is Magic series.

Many fans are excited about this, even on /mlp/, as Heavenly Nostrils is actually enjoyed by the board at large. This is impressive in a subculture notorious for its intensely critical nature of almost everything. HN met with the artist briefly at BABScon (just long enough to snap this photo and say "you're doing good don't screw it up").

Seriously though.

She says this about the comic cover on her DeviantArt;
"The next issue of My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic from IDW (#20) will be available with this cover, which I drew! It's exclusive to Phoenix Comics and Games in Seattle, and Everfree Northwest. Get it in one of those two places while they last!
Hasbro (I think) requested I change one thing: they wanted Lyra to be reading 'Ponies' instead of 'People.' Which of course kills the joke. Anyway, here, you get the original version."
Issue #20 is scheduled for release in the last week of June.

Comments (10)

  1. So does the IDW comic involve some sort of shaving fetish?

  2. I know she means well...
    But after there was a Heavenly Nostrils thread on /mlp/ several months ago that shed some light on her past works... I'm having a hard time wanting to support her.


    But after all that, I'd still rather buy a cover variant of hers rather than, say, Yamino.

    1. >implying humans having sex with intelligent animals is a bad thing

    2. You know she did Ozy and Millie too?

      Well okay, she did Raine Dog too and yes it was actually bad and pretension, but when someone actually do something to avoid making the same mistakes and actually learn from the past, I think we should respect their attempt and not focusing on their past mistakes.

    3. Big deal. Raine Dog was forever ago. And we let pony artists get away with drawing equally weird shit on a daily basis.

    4. The best way to look at it is that she had a sort of weird spot for a few years and during that time raine dog happened. Everyone before that time period she did was alright, everything after that time period was even better, but during that time everything was crazy.

  3. I wish I was good enough to be allowed to draw a MLP cover.

  4. Denying that sex changes exist doesn't make them magically go away. You trans haters are bad people, and you should feel bad.

  5. Denying that Purple Tinker exists doesn't make it magically go away. You SJW's are bad people, and you should feel bad