Rainbow Rocks clip: "Shake your Tail" music video

In all their wisdom and jew powers, Hasbro released yet another clip from the Rainbow Rocks, this time in the form of the new party anthem "Shake your Tail", sure to replace "Turn Down for What" at your nearest club.

The video stars Twilight and her accessories getting the school gym for what we can only assume is going to be that god awful cliche the super rocking Battle of the Bands, but oh no! They don't know how decorate! What ever will they do? Well they put every single idea they have and just kind of pile that shit in together. 

At the very least we get some great scenes of the awkward animation, "amazing" lyrics, and Pinkie Pie riding >Dat mechanical bull.

Did you see we're nearly at one million? Damn, thanks everyone. Horse News is currently circlejerking even harder in anticipation.

Comments (7)

  1. Hasn't this video been around for a while now? What, was this the "official" release and before it was just a "leak"?

  2. Welp, looks like once again we have to wait yet another two more weeks until Twilight's clip finally comes out.

  3. I've never heard the original "Turn Down for What" only the Hank Hill version, which is MY anthem.

  4. That's one lucky fuckin' bull.

  5. Did Pinkie Pie manage to cut her fucking face when she landed ass first in a bale of hay or is that some weird animation error?

  6. "We don't know what's gonna happen. We just know it's gonna feel right."


    ...I've been following this mouthpiece shit on tumblr too long.