Another pony game review: MLP: Friendship is Pain

I didn't have any good pics to head this.

Cheezus fucking crust, it’s another pony-related video game. Just great. And nope, I won’t talk aboot Story of the Blanks. Dat game’s 2good4me2review. We talking about MLP: Friendship is Pain.
Anyway, let’s get this shit ongoing.

Bruh, we going back to one of the first entertaining websites of the internet: Newgrounds. I still love their motto “Problems of the future today”. Y-yeah, I still go to that website from time to time, you got a problem with that? B-baka!
After the colorfully boring loading screen and clicking on play or whatever, we get greeted by the title, which goes from…

D’aw, how can we go wrong with a beautiful scenery like this?

To this…

Welp, the game is called MLP: Friendship is Pain. What did you expect?
RIP in peace best pone No. 2.

Alrighty then, now that we get the titles out of the way, we get to play this awesometastic game that our fellow artists Signl and Zachary plus some other “additional coders”. Pfft, who wants to meet them anyway? You’ll know if you play the game. I’m too lazy to credit them n’ shit.
Enough chin wagging, let’s get into the game already, shall we?
The game is pretty simple, all you have to do is to lure Twibright Sparkle to a bear trap. I mean, simple, right?

Geezus, look at them sexy eyes… don’t they get you hot and bothered? Nnnff…


Now that I cleaned my keyboard from a, uh… mayonnaise accident, let’s check the graphics that the game offered us from here, a’ight?
As appreciated previously, we only have seen 2 mountains (which will be analyzed soon), a bear trap, and Twalot Spurkle with them sexy eyes… oh mama, don’t get me started with those eyes!

While admiring the edgy dark red landscape from the game, I noticed a little detail in one of the mountains. The one mountain in the left. Not the one at the right. Bitch be fat n’ ugly.
Ok, you can see the mountain, right? Looks like any other edgy red mountain, correct?
Das a nice mountain.

Well, let’s ENHANCE!
Yo, thanks for the pic Rhetoric.

Holy crap, look at all the detail on that single mountain! Sweet baby Jesus Armando, the creator deserves the highest praising possible. I don't know what the creators of this game were thinking of, this is just amazing!
Alright, alright, alright, lets get going. The graphics of this game already took the gold, so lets move on into the game. Now we are going to get Tuailagt Esparcl into the bear trap and hope for a blowjob.

Oh p-please, stop with the l-lewd expressions. Oh bbz, open up that mouth~



Oh sheit, bonus round, muh african-american acquaintances!

How many punches does it take to get to the center? Welp, that's up to you to find out! Or don't. You ain't missing out on anything. 
Play the game here ---> Le link. It is not really worth the 5 mins but whatever...

This article is end.

Please, Horse News-senpai... don't be mad at me for being almost 3 days late.

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  1. What the fuck is this shit?

  2. Shit just got real, real sexy.

  3. That Derpy pic is old as hell. It's like... the first or second pony related drawing I ever made I think.

    Anyway, I better play this game.

  4. >awesometastic
    >le link

    So like, is Horse News Reddit now?