Pegasisters Live jumps ship, EFN in trouble

"Sonya, she is doing that thing again..."
"You mean hugging?"
"Yea, that."

One of Everfree Network's top rated shows has jumped ship .

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"tis a scratch!" -Final Draft on PSL leaving EFN
First was losing the ability to stream this year. Few months later came the infamous Babscon incident, with longtime friend Skipsy coming out against EFN and causing EFN staffer Kryptonlogic to jump ship to Equestria Daily. Now the newest blow to the embattled fandom radio station involves the prettiest (exception of Cayci, Mieep, and Kiniro <3) of the EFN personnel taking their talk show and going solo.

Pegasisters live is comprised of Emily Jones and a few other girls that talk to bronies and show staff. Un-original concept right? Wrong! the show is hosted exclusively by attractive females, which drew in the "its a grill, I must be creepy to them and maybe they will notice me *heavy breathing*" section of the fandom. They also hosted the occasional charity drive with everyone's BFF Fluttercliff aka "the nicest guy in the fandom".

On their 5/18 show, Emily and company decided to leave EFN and to create their own website:

Press release below!

"Pegasisters Live is making the big move!! TO THEIR OWN WEBSITE!!
That’s right ladies and gentlecolts, the ladies behind the best female podcast around now has their own site in which they will be streaming on! If you haven’t gotten the chance to catch the podcast, they stream now on at 10 PM EST every Sunday!

Pegasisters Live is a podcast hosted by Emily Jones and Sondra Weisberg (And currently on a short break due to new work, Tayy Bohlen!). PSL talks about the female perspective of the brony community as well as some other wacky subjects added in from each of their personalities like Batman and League of Legends! They also talk about their con going experiences and cosplay as well as doing charity events and exciting contests! Be sure to tune in to through their new site and keep up to date of all the new action!"

What does this mean for EFN? It is a giant blow to the already embattled radio station and leaves the "face of EFN" to either Dustykatt or this guy

He will probably block me for this but whatever. just in case here is my twitter osaka <3

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  1. The ride never ends.

  2. Strong independent pegasisters, who don't need no Draft.

  3. Brony Breakdown and EQI is no longer on EFN either

    1. EQI has changed to EQUN (Equestria Unlimited)

  4. Well, it sure's been a while since the last time Final Draft was mentioned here.
    I almost thought this isn't Horse-News anymore.

  5. Do people even still watch EFN anymore? Ever since BronyBreakdown left last year, I haven't paid much attention to EFN.

  6. Fuck OsamaJack with a 24 inch horsecock. He blocks anyone and everyone just for disagreeing with him or if you don't kiss his ass. Fuck him. I hope he dies of gonorhea and rots in hell.

  7. I'm sure Pegasisters Live will do a great job independently, perhaps with a lot less streaming interferences. XD Love those girls.

    Thank you for writing such a kind thing about me, btw. XD