Bronies: The Musical premiering soon

After months of little effort and stealing may-mays, Bronies: The Musical will be premiering in a few weeks. We've been covering the development of the project on occasion to let you in on what is sure to be the best hiatus filler for maybe two whole weeks later this year. 

Question is, when and where can you get to see the spectacle of sparkling testicles yourself?

What, you thought the documentary was the last piece of media to completely disturb outsiders? Well remember that things can always get much worse. From the LGBT theater company that brought us "The Real Housekeepers of Studio City", Bronies: The Musical promises to be the absolutely disgusting and worst hottest, most inspirational production of the season. 

Truly we will be worthy of a Tony. And if YOU want to catch it before fame takes over the minds of the production company when the play goes on for 15 years, now's your chance!

Where is it?
The Lounge Theater at 6201 Santa Monica Blvd. in Los Angeles, California, 90038 

When is it?
Saturday 6/7 - 6 PM
Friday 6/13 - 8 PM
Saturday 6/14 - 10 PM
Saturday 6/21 - 8 PM
Sunday 6/22 - 2 PM
Friday 6/27 - 8 PM

Saturday 6/28 - 10 PM

How much am I getting ripped off?
Tickets are $15 online and will be $20 at the door. Tickets are available at their website.

Who the fuck would agree to be in this?
Mark Gelsomini (Go West; Broadway workshop of Days of Wine and Roses) as Tyler
Kennen Miller (Lady Gaga’s G.U.Y.; Footloose national tour) as Austin
Jeffery Christopher Todd (Wizards of Waverly Place; I Love Lucy Live national tour) as Jacob
Natalie Lander (recurring on The Middle; Nickelodeon’s Winx Club) as Madison
Sarah Watkins (The Marvelous Wonderettes) as Paige
Jacqueline Grace Lopez (Pokemusical; Stan Lee’s POW Entertainment) as "Yellow Pony"
Leigh Golden (25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee at El Portal) as "White Pony"
Madison Dewberry (Alice premiering in June at Los Angeles Film Festival) as "Blue Pony"
Cindy Sciacca (I Love Lucy Live national tour) as "Pink Pony"
Joey Acuna (Altar Boyz at Chromolume Theatre) as Keith/Nick
Joe Greene (America’s Got Talent; Real Housekeepers) as Hank
Gabby Sanalitro (Good Luck Charlie; Real Housekeepers) as Mrs. Mason/Brianna
Kurt Koehler (Chico’s Angels; Parks and Recreation) as Principal Davis
Matthew Herrmann (I Know What You Did Last Donna Summer) as Brandon/Swing
Heather Lake ([Title of Show] at Theatre Unleashed) as Kelsey/Pony Swing

Who actually made this?

The production is being put on by Oddbird Theatricals
Music by Joe Greene (Real Housekeepers)
Book & Lyrics by Heidi Powers & Tom Moore (Real Housekeepers)
Directed by Ryan Bergmann (Revolver; Real Housekeepers)
Stage Managed by Rebecca Eisenberg (Celebration Theatre; Coeurage Theatre Co.)
Choreographed/Assistant Directed by Joseph Corella-Sandler (Sandler? oh dear god help us) (previously worked on Hart of Dixie)
Music Directed by Ryan O’Connell (Ragtime; Real Housekeepers)
Orchestration by Brian Morales
Art Direction by Samantha Krause
Costumes by Kirk Stefferud
Executive Producers Greene/Powers/Moore
Produced by Ryan Bergmann and Rebecca Eisenberg

How can I complain to Oddbird Theatricals?
If you really want to be THAT guy then they can be contacted by Email, their facebook page, and on twitter. We can also assume sacrificial pentagrams work just as good but that's up to you and your local satanist.

Anything else?

Horse-News would just like to state we are not responsible in the event you're unhappy with your ticket purchase

Comments (8)

  1. You wouldn't catch me dead to attend this shitload of fuck. Goes to show you that, A) I'm glad that I'm a horsefucker. B) Bronies are major attention whores, now more than ever with this musical production. I hope the entire team makes a sheer, unadulterated embarrassment out of themselves.

    1. >"Glad I'm a horsefucker"
      >Being this edgy

      Boy you sure are a special snowflake, aren't you?

    2. *shrugs* Believe what you will.

    3. >calling refering to oneself as a horsefucker edgy

      How new are you? It's been standard practice to refer to yourself as a horsefucker over brony on /mlp/ for only Faust knows how long.

    4. "horsefucker" wow... uh calm down? geez

  2. No one is gonna come to that musical lol. Can't we just learn to mind our own buisness like we say to anti-bronies?

  3. Apparently lots of people, even quite a few non-fans of MLP, came to it and have almost universally loved it... color me impressed.

  4. They have found that using this type of music and at precisely this beat-per-minute ratio increases retention and decreases stress and tension while trying to learn.  ALADDIN Broadway Musical in NYC