Obituary: M.A. Larson "Wings" jokes.

At 12:05 EST on 19 May 2014, the "M.A. Larson Wings Joke" officially passed away. After a year long struggle, Mitch "Coronate a Bitch" Larson was thanked ironically for the last time, and the joke was pronounced dead at the Twitter Hospital for Meme Veterans. 
The joke, which was funny, perhaps for the first several months, became no laughing matter, when the fandom eventually killed it, burning it in a web fire, that authorities are referring to as a "Larson Arson".
The joke was taken to the Twitter Hospital, where it was treated for 3rd Season Burns over 100% of its premise on May 13th.

M.A. Larson, who was close to the joke, admitted that it was time to put it out of its misery, having been thoroughly exhausted in the last few weeks. The joke will be remembered fondly by many, especially by those who shared plane rides with it, or had even gone as far as to purchase wings for Larson at a hotel bar, only to eat them back off his plate. It was clear that the joke had become quite old, and didn't have the strength to keep going, especially after the fire.

The joke, already on life-support was announced to be in its final moments by Sethisto of Equestria Daily yesterday evening. 

Doctors pulled the plug, shortly after noon today. The joke is preceded in death by the Panda Rings (killed by Saberspark, shortly after "Appleicious" appeared in a Season 4 episode), and is survived by several Meme-children and grand-children, including "Open-Arms Tirek", "Twilicane",  and a son "Deep Thought Larson".

Funeral services for the joke will be held at Trotcon in Ohio on June 20th to 22nd, and Galacon  in Germany in August. In lieu of flowers, gratitude for Sonic Rainboom, The Return of Harmony, Luna Eclipsed and the show "Chuck and Friends" can be sent to M.A. Larson's twitter.

Rest In Peace "Wings".
May Alicorns sing thee to thy rest.

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