Long Tale Animation pushes forward, releases Tale of the Blanks Demo

As time goes on, there is only one thing to be certain of in the fandom, and that is that the content creators are definitely getting better at what they do in terms of complexity and quality. Long Tail Animation is an excellent example of this. Yesterday, LTA posted a video demo for their "Story of the Blanks" project.
In defiance of a recently mentioned "Cease and Desist", the group is asking for input on the animation thusfar, presented in the demo. You can see it below.

From the description:

Published on May 18, 2014They there, well until Hasbro itself sends a Cn'D well work on the original. Will still animate the new sprite design just in case we do get hit.
First Video is Mine The Second Matt's
Also, Matt is open for Commissions if you need any aftereffects in your video/game.

Recent details on the project:

Comments (4)

  1. ...As far as cheesy wolf howls go, this one probably takes the cake.

  2. The new designs... I LOVE IT. About time someone did their own thing instead of using vectors or just copy pasting characters right off the show.

    1. Actually, they dumped the alternate designs after a lot of negative feedback and will only use them if they receive a C&D.

  3. Very nice! :D