New EG short: "A Case for the Bass"

Who cares that AJ rocks the bass in this new EG short? We got humanized Flim/Flam. Dem jaws...
Catch the new short after the break.

Comments (11)

  1. Flim and Flam were and always are cool. I liked that the bass didn't make any sound in spite of not being plugged into an amp like they did with Brad. And incest horse will always have the best voice acting.

    Still, even regarding all that positivity, this was complete cringey shite.

    1. [Insert insulting yet true quip here]

  2. > If that is your real name.

    Okay, okay. That was funny. If they can keep the cringe to a minimum, actually tell a decent story, and keep up humour like that... fuck it, it might be okay.

  3. THat 3D opening shot tho

  4. Holy SHIT the Flim Flams look just like Creepy Woody.

    That aside, oh god I hate it (just like the rest of this EQG crap).

  5. Well, I'd say I liked this. So long as it doesn't have Brad and the highschool shit in it, I don't really have anythin' to cringe about.

    That said, anythin' that has Applejack vs Flim Flam brothers conflict in it is always at least entertainin' to watch.

  6. That was pretty funny. And it had the Flim Flam brothers. And it featured Sweet Apple Acres, showing some actual variety of locations that the first movie was lacking and making it actually somewhat resemble FiM. Yeah, the weird art style is still there, but I don't see all that much to complain about with this one. I'd even go as far as to say that this was genuinely good, with the exception of that horrible CGI effect with the barn at the beginning.

    7/10 - it gives me a bit more hope.

  7. >Aardvark Junior