Fandom-history research yields potentially first PMV ever created (update - Trumped by a few days!)

Following the "brony" trademark violation issue from yesterday, an HN reader submitted to us, what he believes to be the First PMV ever created (or at least the first one that is still on Youtube).
dustin-shappee-weird-thing's message to us reads: 

"After much research (by which I mean play around with google custom search when I was bored,) I found the first PMV! MLP premiered on October 10, 2010, and this video is dated October 30, 2010. I am so happy, and I want my cookies to be chips-a-hoy."
You can watch it below.

 Dustin's logic seems sound, as by Halloween 2010, there was barely a fandom at all, and what there was was restricted almost exclusively to 4chan's /co/ board. There also were very few episodes even aired yet, as the premier was only 20 days prior to this video's posting.

The video description reads:

Uploaded on Oct 30, 2010"Trouble is a friend" and there's nothing My Little Ponies love more than FRIENDS! Lots of Night Mare Moon in this one. Because she ROCKS.
Lauren Faust's My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic + Lenka's Trouble is a Friend.
Music from Lenka.
Video from Pensive Pine ( ).

Until proven otherwise, this may be regarded as the first PMV ever produced.
Next Challenge: Find the first Fan-Produced song ever.


SweetieBot has shown us another PMV which predates this one by 1 day

And by THIS one from the day before

Thanks Dustin.

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  1. I remember that there was an mlp:fim "fan" video released before the first episode aired. It was made from clips from the trailer/preview. I can't remeber if it was a PMV though.

  2. This is clearly important work that is furthering the betterment of the fandom. Somehow.

  3. Older:

  4. Hi. It's Dustin. I just posted this article to 4chan, and they have found an even earlier one

  5. I don't even think using a "Trademark" word even violates Trademark, when it comes to non-profit expression, like Fan Fiction.

    Yet, looking at the Trademark US office (I think), I couldn't find a clear result that if "Brony" was even registered.

    Yet, speaking of Trademarks, it looked like that site claim that Hasbro would claim Copyright over the word... O_o

  6. >"My Little Pony Friendship i..." The YouTube account associated with this video has been terminated due to multiple third-party notifications of copyright infringement.


  7. Oh god... I remember PensivePine. I was pretty wrecked when their channel got nuked. They were pretty much the go to channel for poni poni in the early days. I'm not sure if I want to check if their second channel, PensivePony is still around. I seem to remember it going down as well. I was not prepared for these feels.

  8. I know this is a super old post, but I found an earlier one... this predates the premier and seems to be made up of clips from trailers in September 2010.

  9. Older (–°reated in 2007-2008):

    1. OLDER: