Bulk Biceps Mother discovered - Gilda returns

As is the case with many things (Derpy, Twilicane, ect.) another gem was discovered in today's screencap thread - Bulk Biceps mother!
We assume anyway.
There's really no way of knowing for sure.
But check her out, in her absurdly muscular glory. More stuff discovered in the cap threads below, as they happen to be found.

Gilda Made it to the Games, she can be seen  here sitting with Gustav in the upper left, and Octavia is in the upper-right.

Comments (6)

  1. On that screencap, bottom-left, there also seem to be that mare from "Games Ponies Play". The not-inspector.

  2. Photo Finish's staff and Octavia's band companions are there as well.

  3. When Derpy came through the entrance without making a noise like the others, it was like a moment of silence. The haters truly have won.

  4. Coco Pommel and Silver Shill appear moments after Bulk Biceps' mom - I've heard that Cheese Sandwich was there, but I didn't find him going frame by frame.

    1. http://ipandacakes.deviantart.com/art/Crowd-Ponies-Might-add-more-later-451882991

      You can see Cheese Sandwich here (Messy though)

  5. You also see Coco Pommel, Cheese Sandwich, and Silver Shill (And a lot others like Twi's parents, Aunt and Uncle Orange, and the commons like Hoity Toity, Photo Finish and Sapphire Shores)

    But I loved spotting Bulk Bicep's mommy xD