Tips Fedora Man Identified (Is this news?)

We here at Horse-News fucking LOVE getting your emails, as frankly they are often too ridiculous even for US to post. That being said, we received an email from an anon this morning that just reads "We Found Him".
Who the hell is "him"? We asked, opening the email, with fingers crossed in hopes of some information regarding Jimmy Hoffa's body, or maybe even just old lewd photos of someone more #horsefamous than the rest of us. But no, this information, (which the anonymous emailer labeled as "semi-brony-related") pertained to an iconic figure in image-board culture - the "*tips fedora" man.
Apparently, "they found him".

Was he ever lost? Was his identity a mystery? Is this even MLP news?
Hell if we know, we never personally went looking for him.
But apparently somebody has, and as indicated by the "we", its more than one person.
As it turns out, the poster-boy for pony-people is ACTUALLY famous.
His name is "Jerry Messing", and he even has an IMDB page; where the image was found.

Sure Mr. M'lady himself does a lot of bit-parts, but as it turns out, he also has done some shit you probably would recognize. Namely his role as Pugsley Addams in the 90's "Addams Family Reunion" film.

Yeah, that's him standing with Tim Curry. Have YOU ever been in a movie with Tim Curry? Didn't think so. He also played on Even Stevens and Freaks and Geeks.
In addition to making some notation about cuddling with capper, the anonymous emailer also included a link to Jerry's facebook page. Did you ever want to add him as a friend? Well it looks like now you can.
Horse-News would like to contact Jerry later today to find out what his favorite pony is.

If you have some other trivial information you feel we need to read for whatever reason, feel free to email us at

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  1. Glad you enjoyed the email, keep up the good work

  2. I always thought that Tip Guy was one of those guys from TGWTG. Can't remember which or the name.

  3. I believe you're thinking of Sage, but this guy is even fatter than he is.

    1. You sure? This looks like him back in the Violence Jack 'review'.

  4. You faggots got cited on /r/JustNeckbeardThings. Le leddit hug of def 5 teh win XDDD

  5. That's amazing!! I just love HARTHEIM even now, I used to hear their albums. They are totally impressive. SoundCloud