Russian News foretells 4 EQG movies, more Series

Communist intelligence has intercepted a Russian article regarding the future of Hasbro and My Little Pony in Russia. Though we have no official translation of the text thusfar, 2 notes have the fandom spooked, one referencing "2 new series" of My Little Pony and "4 movies" of Equestria Girls.
Horse-News takes you now to the War Room.

We were alerted to this development by a thread on /mlp/, indicating that Hasbro has laid some new tracks to elongate the ride. The article, which is written in Russian, says this when translated via Google Translate:
Toys «My Little Pony» entered the top 3 most favorite toys in Russia according to the company NPD. In Russia, 45% of Russian girls today have a particular horse, and brand awareness and ownership toys in developed markets is 85%. In addition to toys My Little Pony, the company is actively developing a licensing direction: Russian partners already produce and deliver to the store shelves a large number of items of goods under the brand name «My Little Pony» - from shirts to sweets. Broadcast series "Friendship - it's a miracle!" Passed on the channel "Carousel" in 2012 and 2013, this year the show of the new series will continue. Two new series on «My Little Pony» will be released in 2015 and 2016. In Russia in the near future with the brand will be released not only new and exciting toys, but also fashion-weight goods, cosmetic lines, products for art and for school food. Hasbro continue traditional promotional campaign with restaurants McDonalds, acquire new licensing and  promotional partners in different categories.
«Equestria Girls» - is a new brand of thematically linked with the brand «My Little Pony», but focused on girls from 6 years. P on the company NPD, to ukly Equesteria Girls became the best-selling toy in the American supermarket chain Wallmart before the New Year. Now products are rapidly gaining the first position in the children's retail Russia. In support of the brand is already removed 30 minuny film that will be shown during the 2014 channel "Carousel." To 2017 will be made ​​four more films. Exit toys «Equestria Girls» will be accompanied by an active advertising campaign on television and in social media. Hasbro licensing department began work on the new range, which will hit the market in 2015.
Though the context is difficult to divine, numbers are hard to mistranslate. This article indicates there will be at minimum 4 Equestria Girls movies. The "series" notice is more likely a reference to what Americans call "seasons".

We are currently contacting our Russian translation correspondants to verify its meaning.

This would not be the first time that foreign markets get news of future events before North America, and would fall in-line with the "5 more years" remark made during a previous Investor podcast earlier this year.

Standby for happening.

UPDATE: We have contacted a consultant who majored in Russian Language and he confirms that the sentences in question translate to mean "Two new series will begin in 2015 and 2016" and  "by 2017 4 more films will made". 

He was unable to confirm if this was a  English - Russian - English translation error, and has no understanding of the context, but to the best of his abilities confirms that the Google-Translation is fairly close.

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  2. My anus is prepared.

  3. If one new series is not Trixie, Daring Do and Octavia going on adventures, the terrorists have already won.

  4. All speculation. I could sit here all day and proclaim 8 seasons, 3 EQG movies, and one straight-up pony!MLP movie and be just as right or wrong as anyone claiming insider knowledge.

  5. It's just slow Russian translation, i guess. We get S1 in 2012 S2 in 2013 and probably they translate S3 in 2015 and S4 in 2016. But dunno. Sorry for my english, m8s.

  6. Pony is Simpsons now.

  7. Native tundra nigger here.

    Sorry to dissapoit you, fellow horsefuckers, but the sentence about "series" actually says "Two new seasons of the series "My Little Pony" will be released in 2015 and 2016". So far only 2 first seasons of MLP has officially aired in Russia, so I guess they just mean S3 & S4.

    As for EQG part, google translate was pretty accurate. It says "30min film has been made to support the brand" and "4 more EQG movies will be made untill 2017".

  8. Nofakju.
    I refuse to believe anythin' comin' from that country.