“2's not enough when there might be three holes to put 'em in”: A Q&A with artist 3Mangos

While there are many artists that span across the internet from Deviantart to E621, one name has been popping up a lot recently and making a strong headway, 3Mangos. Only starting his blog about 7 months ago he's grown tremendously and has started to really make a name for himself.

 Interview after the break.

HN: So Mangos, We'll start off with probably the most asked question. Why 3Mangos? Why not 2?
3M: 2's not enough when there might be three holes to put 'em in, yo.
3M: But seriously, I just use 3 in my usernames.

HN: What got you into Ponies? I mean it had to start somewhere for you.
3M: Well the show started and my friends and I thought the craze about it was a joke. We watched and we liked it, like any other brony.

HN: any idea around when this was?
3M: Like, maybe a couple weeks after the show started.

HN: So getting into the art of things; How do you feel about the people who bash any form of Anthro but love pone porn?
3M: I think that's silly as fuck. I think if anyone's looking at anthro, furry, pony, whatever porn then they're all in the same weird boat. We should all be weird together in harmony.
Isn't that the message of MLP anyway?

HN: Quite. Now, the question everyone wants to know, do you.. Want to cum inside Rainbow Dash?
3M:Nah. Gimme the Pinkie booty.

HN: Well back to the art side of things again. I'm quite a fan of your style and shading. Both of which have been improving quit a bit recently. Do you have any current improvements you're working on?
3M: Besides the general everything? I'm getting into drawing feet lately. Like, a lot. It might develop into a fetish at some point.

HN: I've seen your art linked in the Unlikely Affinity threads recently on /mlp/. Animation, have you ever considering moving on to that or doing small shorts involving your ideas?
3M: I actually graduated with an animation degree. Guess I should start putting that to good use for pony stuff.

HN: So you produce a lot of wonderful art, and in quite a short time too. Where do you draw your inspiration from?
3M: Just about everything, I suppose. Like recently I drew a egg-laying Fluttershy for Easter, after taking another look at Doxys comic in Poni Parade.
Well, I guess to better answer that question, I look at my favorite artists and go from there. Guys like Doxy, Kevinsano, Hallogreen, and Uno Makoto make me draw what I draw.

HN: What kind of hardware do you use while drawing and are there things you do not like about the equipment you currently use?
3M: I use a Cintiq 22hd to draw and have a second monitor (22in) for other stuff. My computer, I built a couple years ago. I forget the specs haha. No real flaws or stuff to complain about tho.

HN: How did you start drawing(was it before college or during)? And do you ever look back at your old drawings and try to fix any flaws you find?
3M: Yeah, I started drawing when I was 10 or something. It was just dumb stuff like Sonic or DBZ that I was interested in at the time. I started taking art a bit more seriously shortly before I entered college. Then more seriously about 7 months ago when I started the 3Mangos blog. I look at my old art sometimes but I'd rather make new content than revamp what I did before. I like to look forward and not back. I learn from the mistakes but move forward. I used to delete old artwork and I regret that I did. I have nothing from before I was 17.

HN: Looking at your commission prices here and they are really well priced, how do you feel about people charging 40$ and up for commissions though?
3M: That's them. If their skill matches the price, cool. If not, they aren't going to sell. Guys like Doxy could definitely charge much higher than that. But I'm okay with charging something like $35 or whatever for a shaded character. It's not ideal considering how much it is per hour of labor, but I'd rather please the people I work for.

HN: On top of all that livestreaming once a week is pretty rare for most artists. Does this add any stress to your usual drawing schedule?
3M: Not at all. When all you do is draw all day, every day, the only difference is people are watching.

HN: You don't feel any added stress from people watching you?
3M: Nope! I know people are happy to see me around and talk with me, so that puts me at ease. I can afford to be distracted. I like to talk anyway.

HN: Recently you stated that you're trying to seperate Mango more from just being a pony OC. What are the future plans for the lovely Mango?
3M: Something a little more introspective. I'd like to try my hand at writing a weekly webcomic with her some time.

HN: So I've noticed how much you've been promoting the indiegogoAnthrology and it seems to be gaining speed. Are you going to be contributing to the book?
3M: Yep, I'm in the NSFW group.

HN: Have you ever gone to any conventions or do you plan on selling art as a vendor at some point?
3M: I've only ever been to two, but never sold art. I hope to start sometime next year.

HN: Certainly wouldn't mind having some mango posters in my room. Speaking of having things in your room, How's the Mango Daki coming along?
3M: Oh uhhhhhh
It's totes coming.
..Next month maybe.
HN: You always seem to have an awesome attitude about drawing which is great to see. So what keeps you going?
3M: Well the biggest reason is that it's just my passion. I love drawing more than anything. Another reason, my current job is very unstable. I could easily lose it any day, month, or year. My biggest goal is to become a self-sustaining freelance artist. That's what keeps me going.
HN: So we know your favourite number is 3 but what is your favourite color?
3M: Pink
HN: Last question, Who is best pony?
3M: PinkiePinkiePinkiePinkiePinkiePinkiePinkie

And with that our interivew with the lovely 3Mangos ended. If you have the chance go check out his tumblr Here(NSFW) And keep an eye out for his weekly stream. Sometimes they're open to comissions!

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