Rainbow Rocks: Oh God Why Edition UPDATED

Take a look at this title card. WE didn't make this.
Hasbro provided this. It's like an open admission that everything has gone to Hell. Embrace the flames.
Earlier today, an Investor presention from Hasbro Australia appeared online.
All we can say: God dammit.
God dammit.
Look at the path you've chosen.
Needless to say; shitstorm is active.
The full presentation can be found here http://vilsco.com.au/aileen/My%20Little%20Pony/01.%20Data%20Source/Pages%20from%20MLP%20AU%20august%20summit%20presentation.pdf

>Adult Fans
They are officially admitting to targeting bronies.

We now know what "Sonic Rainbooms" was.

Remember Back to the Future, where in 2015 everyone wears god-awful neon that looks like it was designed by a blind man? THIS IS THAT FUTURE.

>multiple demographics
>30 years of this
>ride won't end until the 35th anniversary party

Here's the rundown of when and how you will be fucked.

This presentation designed by April, based on her tumblr layout.

>as seen in entertainment!
I don't care if you think I'm overreacting. This shit looks godawful.
I've run out of happening levels.
I'm just done.

This Happened

Comments (11)

  1. Yes. You are overreacting. Keep doing it.

    Personally, I'm at that perfect level of quality recognition skill to tell that these are bad, but I'm able to not care and have fun with it. This shit is hilarious to me, and I hope that they keep making Equestria Girls movies forever.

    1. You are truly worse than Hitler

    2. Hitler did nothing wrong.

    3. He liked 'Blond' people (Also he fucked his niece but who cares)

  2. Equestria Girls brought an important issue to the world's light - how to properly finger teenaged girls.

  3. That EqG short... The terminology they use made me cringe more then an bad day on /mlp/ does.

    Oh god why pretty much sums it up.

  4. >quest for a kingdom movement

    aaaaaand this is now where everything goes against what Faust aimed for when making the show in the first place
    fugly humanizations aside, which we all know she absolutely loved /s

  5. More proof that Hasbro are destroying the franchise without Faust.
    And that new short is awful, and Dash basically cheats to win with magic that everyone ignores, or doesn't seem to notice. Absolute garbage.

  6. A gawdy PowerPoint reviewing the 2013 fiscal year and plans for the 2014 season? Pshaw, I've seen worse. Marketing's just having their giggles. "Quest for a Kingdom"? Sounds like a retro adventure game.

    Wait, GameLoft's making a minigame? Well, it's sure to look gorgeous and be free1play, as in I'll play it once for free.

    Oh god, that clip though.

    The cold guitar licks ...

    The stupidly non-sequitur horse transformation ...

    Trixie in a throw-away scene ...

    Yeah, this movie's going to blow, isn't it? Damnit, I really like that Vinyl scene.

  7. I'm amused that she starts to play "Smoke on the Water" the few seconds before she transforms.

  8. why is it that Hasbro keeps fucking up my little pony? it was shit in G1 worse in G2 unspeakable in G3 and Satanic in G3.5 amazing in G4 and now we may as well enter G4.5 which is shit again! DHX should just buy out hasbro's half of my little pony and fix it before it gets worse! Hasbro is who keeps ruining things. all i hope is this "rainbow" crap is temporary. I'm not in the mood to see yellow and green in everyone's mane for more than a few episodes