ONGOING DEVELOPMENT: Horse News to Sneak Lauren Faust into BABsCon. Clandestine Operation Under Codename FAUSTER.

From a session late night scheming, HN has come up with a plan to smuggle the Mother of All of Us into the famed BABsCon. 

1. Acquire 5 tailored suits. Plus one "Exclusive Digital Deluxe Premium HN Labeled Maid Outfit (TM)" for Capper General's striptease. 

2. Rent 2 BMW SUV's: Matte black with 50% window tint. 

3. Steal 1 Rolls-Royce Phantom IV from the Queen of Switzerland.

4. 5 Colt 1911's, suppressed. From Colt Heard, out local arms dealer. 

5. 400 tablets of LSD spiked My Little Pony candy, to distribute to the >le ebin brawnies so then they freak out more than there pockets will allow when encountering their creator. 

6. Pick up Mrs. Faust, Jim will be the driver. Obligatory hot boxing with Lauren. 

7. In the SUV's, Capper, Malic, Fed, and Critic will be trying to get the suits and earpieces on whilst trying to blow each other. The sexual tension will be as tight as a Sweetie Belle's marevag.

8. Arrive at the front door of BABsCon. Step outside with the VIP and escort her in. 

9. Cribbs will be covering the Con with Filly and Colt in the Horse News Sexy Action News Van. They will all be wearing HN themed Lingerie. Exclusively  available through the HN Store.

10. As the HN panel begins, and Capper walks out of the runway in the middle of the Staff table. He announces the Beginning of the End for the Fandom. 

11. As he finishes his speech, she is to walk out. 

12. With the crowd fed LSD, they go apeshit. 

13. Cribbs, Filly, and Colt are swarmed by horney, LSD crazed neckbeards. The cheeto dust is too strong and they are over powered in the News Van. They quickly drive away, lucky to escape with their lingerie. 

14. The rest of the HN staff are KIA, choking on the cheeto dust and axe body spray. Cribbs, Filly, and Colt are to drive the news van off the Gold Gate Bridge due to contingency plans.

15. Faust escapes. We sacrifice ourselves for Lauren.

16. Mission accomplished.

Comments (8)

  1. Excellent. Here, have the funding you need to pull this off.
    card number = 4987654321098769
    expiry date = 0517 (MMYY)
    csc/cvv = 100

  2. Someone sound the HAPPENING alarm in the HN camp. The princesses are gonna do a four-way fusion dance.

  3. I believe in you guys, don't let me down.

  4. So is that really Faust? It looks like her. I want to believe. Any proof at all? What's the story behind that pic?

    1. the pic is faust, we sent her a scarf a while ago
      story is fake
      step it up anon

  5. >implying swiss have a queen

  6. The best thing is she could be any of the anonymous comments and we would never know