Twilight IS getting her own kingdom - Finale information revealed

Remember way back in February when Horse-News reported that Twilight was getting her own Kingdom? You would THINK after the half-dozen or so warnings we've given you, that you would listen to us by now.
Some of you did, some of you didn't.
You won't make that mistake ever again.

Today, Zap2It (which has a sexy new layout) posted the finale times, titles, and synopsis' to the big listing.
And oh boy it's a doozy. Many of the rumors we've heard all season long are true.
Discord gets involved, Twilight gets a kingdom, ect.
But most interesting is the Episode 27 (which, shouldn't that be 26?) where it indicates that the other princesses GIVE UP THEIR POWERS.

Brace yourselves.


Horse-News' 911th Tweet was about the Finale.
It's a sign.

Comments (12)

  1. If there was a doubt this is The Twalot Sperglor Show....

  2. Best hold onto the sides of your seats, lads, I can see the end of the ride.

  3. I didn't asked for this...

  4. All this, just to sell another shitty castle playset. How many fucking castle playsets does Hasbro need? They have a world of good playset settings they could use, but nope, force the writers to come up with ANOTHER goddamn castle and make it Twilights!
    I wish I had billions of dollars just to buy Hasbro and force them to stop fucking everything up.

  5. I'm actually looking forward to this.

  6. This is going to be shit

  7. I can't wait to be forced to hate this show! YAY!

    Adventure Time dies next.

  8. I wonder how hurt and betrayed is Faust feeling right now.

    1. If you've been keeping up: She's sad whenever she talks to Tara about the show, and according to her hubby Craig McCracken she gets upset whenever Equestria Furries comes up.

      In other words, she is INCREDIBLY hurt and betrayed.

    2. I always get sad when I hear about how Lauren feels badly. Makes me wish I could do something that'll cheer her up.

      At least she's working on Wander Over Yonder & the new Mane6 game.

  9. So ...

    what you're saying is Twilight will become Goku.

    Oh boy.