Spooktube Theater Episode 2: Yoda's balls, Nicolas Cage, Pinkamena, Katy Perry?

Welcome back to Spooktube Theater, where we showcase some of the lesser-known gems that litter the scary-side of the Youtube tracks. You won't find anything with over 10K views at the time of posting here. Today we have some child homicide, some yoda testicles, and one of the greatest rock anthems of the 80's with the greatest actor of our generation.

Up top there we have a deleted scene from everyone's favorite episode Baby Cakes. Down here we have a great example of why some people should not be allowed to have SFM, involving a green midget who can breakdance.

Next we take a look at easily one of the greatest songs ever written, starring the world-class actor Nicolas Cage. He built this city on stealing waifus.

Here, have some good old fashioned autism. Here we have a person who made a video of a Sonic OC that has crudely drawn Hatsune Miku hair overtop of an existing character, set to a foreign language version of "True True Friend".

Also this, whatever the hell this is.

Join us next time on Spooktube Theater, where we have some more top-quality videos to show you.
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Comments (2)

  1. Those are some KILLER MLP looks, dayum!

  2. I'm sad that I added a single view to that shit video.