A message from Big Red

A reminder: Horse News is the only pony news source with an actual miniature horse on staff.

Hey there, folks. Big Red here.

I've been following this "Sunbutt Claimed by Sombra" stuff, right? yeah. It sorta rustles my jimmies. I mean, she's, like, thousands of years old, right? And so is he? So this is like being told that some really friggin stinky old folks are totes in love.

That's, like, messed up, man.

I gotta go get me some grass.

Comments (5)

  1. Big Red is love, Big Red is life

  2. Thanks Big Red, now I know what to think about all this.

  3. I thought Big Red was Chanty Binx?

  4. just remember celestia fuckers and luna fuckers want to have sex with a 1000 year old pony. imagine how fucking wide them holes have gotta be. i mean an average woman usually becomes useless by her 50s.

  5. Why are you not constantly posting pony ass on the site? You should have a whole section for horse news and just make miniature pony ass the mane thing.