Sparity episode actually inbound (Meghan not lying?)

Well I mean, hey. At least it's not Mordecai and Twilight, right?

But no seriously, this might be happening

Today, a TVlistings site reported the upcoming synopsis for episode 423, entitled "Inspiration Manifestation". It shows the upcoming interaction between everyone's favorite pedophilia shipping gone wild finally getting some real screen time together. Could they get some actual character development? Well romance actually be addressed? Will FinalDraft ever stop being a douchebag? 

Ya probably not. Sorry everyone, but Spike is a terribly written character at this point who is not going to escape the friendzone. And Rarity is terrible

Pinkie Pie 2016
This comes as an even bigger shock, considering Meghan seems to have once again half-way exposed another episode from her April Fools tweets. Remember this?

But, then again, we should also be reminded about tweets like this before we think she actually tells the truth all the time.

Oh well. If there's one thing that we as a fanbase can all agree on though, especially with how the writing has been handled for certain characters, it's summed up by one brilliant anon.


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Comments (4)

  1. I want a Sparity episode so much...

  2. >there's no way the show will ever go there

    If they already put Flash Sentry there, expect everything else that is popular on the fandom, like certain DJ becoming canon and even "shippings"

  3. >they think it's not happening
    It's like you think they don't want drive the Rararafags all the way up the wall. Why would they avoid that chance when they've already broached it in Season 2?

    If Rarity wears the fire ruby again and there's some positive continuity between the pair, oh my god watch out. That first tweet from Meghan was due to ALL THE BUTTHURT from Rararafags.

    Don't believe her lies indeed.

  4. Honestly, if anyone who has eyes and a brain would see and understand that dragons age differently then ponies. If people think just because Spike look like a baby dragon and make donkeys of themselves for assuming his age would be similar CMCs instead of about the same age as Rarity, give or take a couple years depending on how you were to look at it, then they are nuts. I agree bronies out there ruined what could be the shows greatest couple, even more then Shining Armor and Princess Cadance, then who knows what other couples from the show may be ruined. Tartarus, even obvious couples like Twilight Sparkle and Flash Sentry, though I don't really see it, sorry.