Kayla Na Infamous Artist vs. Anonymous Nark

  Earlier a trending thread on 4chan was successfully able to divide the faggots of /mlp/ into two opposite sides of the autistic spectrum. 


Apparently an anonymous user reported an artist known as bluntwhisky or Kayla Na for what he called erotic use of Hasbro licensed characters for self profit.

  One side of this argument is trying to justify the actions of this anonymous user by defending Hasbro’s right to their characters and the fact that Kayla Na is known for being a huge autistic trouble making faggot. This is being counter approached by a second party who believes that the fandom deserves to be able to make its own fan products and that this fandom will become a gigantic shit pool if we start attacking fandom content makers. While this happens a third party continues not to give two shits and will most likely jack off to horses for the foreseeable future.

   The second party as well is accusing this anonymous user to be a white knight with a vendetta for this Kayla Na and all of horse porn in general this is not known or confirmed yet however at this moment members of the second party of this discussion are trying to find this anonymous user to bring him to justice for all artists or so they say.

   This discussion has turned into a shit throwing fest between ones who are defending Hasbro and the ones who are standing up for the fandom.

   At the moment Kayla Na has taken down her pillow content that the anonymous user reported, so sadly I was not able to supply you horse fuckers with good pictures but they had hands so they were not real horses so don't feel too bad.

   Whether it is an attack on the creative makings of the fandom or a grudge for this Kayla Na what everyone's concerned about is what does this mean for the future of fan content if it becomes a norm to report artist to Hasbro for the act of retribution or the hatred of horse porn. For now the lines have been drawn and the argument continues whether Hasbro’s content truly belongs to them or if we have the right to make our own content based of the show erotic or not.

One thing both parties could agree on however was how hilarious it must have been to see Kayla Na’s butthurt breakdown.
Watch out there are Hasbro spies everywhere

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  1. My favorite was when we raided her and got her banned from paypal

    1. She got banned from PayPal? What for?

    2. She got banned from PayPal? What for?