Local Youtuber Eternally Buttdevastated Over Patrician Logic

Do you even lift brah?
 Youtube, Horse News- In recent news, a tumblr 4chan user by the youtube name of "Theta Wavelengths," also known as Gamma Theta, suffered from utter butt devastation after viewing the Internet Aristocrat's latest video lambasting social justice warriors on tumblr. Theta's sore anus lead him to record a reaction video towards I.A. commenting on how "he is not a real aristocrat" and how I.A. is "really, really mean." Once again it appears I.A. has hurt the feelings of another non-cis male and no one is really shocked.

Despite vouching for the absolute pureness of tumblr and professing his love for his tumblr girlfriend April Davis, Theta stated that
"[He] rarely uses Tumblr..... [he is] actually a 4chan user"
>4chan user
Theta then went on to imply that everyone from 4chan is a "piece of shit cis-scum" and that we all have too much white privilege. This is contradictory though, because Theta would be inferring that he is actually a piece of shit from 4chan and that he himself needs to "check his privilege."

It is obvious though that this man woman zim thing has already checked his privilege based on his immense experience in social work and knowledge of every social construct known to man. Theta though could not be reached for comment on his confusing rhetoric.

Instead of offering an intelligent rebuttal to I.A.'s video, Theta instead decided to focus on the semantics of the name of the youtube channel and rant about how "real aristocrats are not aristocrats because they browse 4chan... unless they are aristocrats."

After somehow avoiding any form of any intelligent discourse involving the argument that Internet Aristocrat offers, Theta instead went on to defend his internet virtual lesbian girlfriend April. Theta then mentions that he is gender fluid and wears a skirt. (Of course mentioning that you are not cis-scum gives any argument extreme credibility) Theta then takes on his true final form of a level 69 Warrior with a concentration on Social Justice.

When asked about their opinions, local internet denizens wanted to say this...
"Hes probably a tripfag on /mu/ ...[and] browses /hm/.
Local Alaskan Malic said...
 "He is the epitome of stupidity, heh."
Overall, the people of the internet come to the general consensus that Theta is a beta-max scrub tier pleb who can not understand simple logic. Top Anon's such as Anon all feel that he should just "an hero" and get off of tumblr forever. Many top scientist agree that Theta has an apparent testosterone deficiency, and may have testicles the size of peas, if any at that.

It is still unknown whether Theta will realize that he is a moron, but one thing is certain...

The Internet Aristocrat was 100% correct...


You can offer aid this poor oppressed individual by tweeting pictures of ice to help soothe his aching butthurt here, 

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  1. ur site is ncirclejerk shit fucking stop hj

  2. Why all the feminazis are nothing but a bunch of transsexual bastards?

    1. because god forbid you are a straight white male

  3. Kids these days

  4. twitter : female
    lold what a faggot just look at him

  5. Hey, Gammy! How 'bout ya threaten to break I.A.'s fingers and eat them? Maybe rant like a fucking lunatic about how you're going to sodomize him with a knife? C'mon! You're not pussing out on us now, are you? You'll love prison! A chemically unbalanced little bitch like you who pretends to be a girl is going to be the center of attention there! Think of all the suitors you'll have, all vying for your attention and holes!

  6. As a non-"cis" individual (I'm not going to say what kind because I'm not a faggot) I agree with everything IA says. Contrary to tumblr's ideas, you can be a cocksucker and still be a normal person. There's no greater conspiracy, we just want to have our silly horse blogs in peace. Also, Gamma Theta is so incredibly pathetic that not only did he disable comments, but he took out ratings too.

    1. You, quite literally, are a faggot. Stop denying it.

    2. As a faggot, I can confirm it.

  7. I'd just like to point out that despite saying they are against r34 of ponies this person has their own porn blog where among other things guess what they post....? That's right mlp porn.


  8. >gf
    why is he allowed to breathe

  9. Also I love how authentic you seem to be. Your style and passion for blogging is contagious. Thank you for sharing your life!