Bob's Burgers Brony Episode confirmed

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From the network that cancelled it's two good shows and brought you eleven unnecessary seasons of the Simpsons, Allen Gregory, Napoleon Dynamite the ripoff, Family Guy, Family Guy 2.0, Family Guy 1.5, and (coming soon) Family Guy 3.0, comes the delightful and totally fun and edgy and not terribly written Bob's Burgers. Now when you have your young, idiotic adult fanbase by the balls in the later seasons, what do you do?

Why pander to other idiotic fans of course!

Now in it's fourth season, Bob's Burgers has latched on to the lowest common denominator that loves every project Seth MacFarlance flings at FOX, and has been laughing all the way to the bank. With the dead horse now beaten to it's basic atomic particles, the staff is going to have to use even worse writing to get by on. In the form of even worse fandoms.

Released on staff member Derek Russell's tumblr, it's detailed that the socially awkward child Meg Bobby Steve Cleveland Jr Tina is actually an "Equesticle" (lol guise get it? It's a private parts joke XD), which is the show's equivalent to the actual brony fandom.

In the episode, Tina will be attending Equestra-Con, a spoof of Bronycon and the various other conventions hosted by the community. Unfortunately for Tina, when she arrives she is immediately greeted by the smell of spaghetti and body odor, because the majority of the fanbase is grown men! Oh how wacky!

What should concern us the most is the mention of a super fan stealing Tina's rare Lyra plushie collectible toy pony. Could this potentially be based off of anyone whose actually Horse Famous?  Could it be Capper? Nope, the logistics of him on screen is impossible. Mando? Nah, Television learned it's lesson about those characters after Diff'rent Strokes. FinalDraft? No, even Bob's Burger's isn't that desperate. Well, who could it be then?

Oh, well shit

Get ready everyone, the ride has only just begun.

Horse-News would like to say that we don't think that Bob's Burger's is a terrible show. We think FOX is an awful network (except for Cosmos. Cosmos is best show)

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  1. God dammit guys, I'm trying to go to bed here and now I have to sleep with the vision of that thing in my brain again. Ugh.

    1. We sincerely apologize for the graphic imagery of PurpleTinker's face. If you provide an email we can send you a cookie and number to CapperGeneral's suicide hotline. Or, if it's more you thing, his sex hotline.

  2. >Equesticles


  3. inb4 it's ponytoast

  4. Who the hell watches more than five minutes of Bob's Burgers and comes away with the impression it's just a Family Guy ripoff? The writing is different, it doesn't use cutaways in the slightest, it uses musical comedy in a way that Family Guy doesn't, it's MUCH nicer to its misfit characters... Are you sure you're not just being a little butthurt because it's being "mean to ponies?" Should ya maybe learn a lesson from Kathleen Richter and actually WATCH the episode before you start complaining?

    Foals these days. >_<