Are you Horse-Famous?

A question that many people in the community often ask themselves (or ask Horse-News when we begin stalking their twitter accounts), is "Am I Horse-Famous now?" Horse-fame has long been a tricky thing to determine, but now thanks to our team of elite computer scientists and math magicians, there is an easier way! Presenting the Horse-Fame-Analyzer - a highly complex computer program that determines your horse-fame status almost instantly.
Determining horse-fame used to require such shaky evidence as "numbers", usually provided by "twitter followers" or "youtube subscribers", or "number of threats and hate-messages recieved in a day". Now you can skip all of that hassle and just punch your name into the analyzer box. A simple "Yes" or "No" answer will be given. 

No matter what the answer happens to be, you then must ask yourself; "is this a good thing?"
For that, you are on your own. Some frequently asked questions that we have received are "How does it work?", "Can I become Horse-Famous later?", and "are these results accurate?" and the answer to all of those questions is "maybe". What do you take us for, some kind of magic 8-ball?
So, ARE you horse famous? Enter your name below to find out!

Comments (7)

  1. "how does it work?"

    you cheeky fucks


    yes ur mum is horse famus

  3. I am so horse famous. I have almost 500 subs. I'm basically Martin Garrix.

  4. "eXtaticus" is not Horse Famous. I am outraged.

  5. Woot! I'm HorseFamous!

    way to kill the fun by looking at the sourcecode you dick

  6. Why can;t I be Horse Famous? This is an OUTRAAAAGE! *cans.wav*