BABScon to save puppies, prevent suicide, support abuse victims, make you feel bad for not helping

With less than 6 weeks until what is shaping up to be the convention of the year, BABScon is churning out press releases faster than we can figure out what to do with them. This week, groom-to-be and director of PR for BABScon WeAreBorg sent us the rundown of the charity efforts the convention is holding. In what movie directors would refer to as "Oscar Gold", congoers will be donating money to save puppies, support victims of rape and abuse, prevent suicides, and overall making those apathetic feel like shit for not opening their wallets or pulling out of their Tara Strong banks.
"You would seriously need to be some kind of asshole to not toss a few bucks in for one of these charities if you're coming to the convention," said one donor, who had just decided to not buy another shopping cart full of blind bags, and instead use the money at the RAINN charity table in April. "I think I can go a month without blowing another chunk of my paycheck on plastic horses."

"Wait, you're telling me that not only can I save and improve lives, but I can also get a tax deduction for doing it?" said another potential donor, noting how sore Uncle Sam made his ass is after filling out his tax returns. Yes it's true, the direct donation options are completely tax deductible, which considering many con-goers may never have children, is something they may want to take advantage of.

"They're saving puppies and kittens too?!" cried one donor after having just heard Sarah McLachlan's "Angel" on the radio. She proceeded to give us a lengthy explanation of why Fluttershy is her favorite pony and how it is what she would want her to do. BABScon has chosen the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals  as one of their official charity beneficiaries. From the Press Release:
We are also collaborating with Peninsula Humane, a Burlingame based partner of the SPCA, to host an on-site mobile adoption center on Friday from 1:00 p.m – 4:00 p.m. 
"We all know at least one person who has, or has tried to commit suicide," remarked another potential donor. "Especially in this community, I think it's important for everyone to have those support resources available to them." San Francisco Suicide Prevention is another official organization chosen by the convention.

Donations to these organizations will be provided via a charity auction run by Bronies For Good. If you don't have cash but have something you feel like donating you can email or drop stuff off at the B4G table at the con. Rumors are that the /mlp/ charity-merch table will be right nearby.

"You're telling me that people from 4chan are running a charity to support victims of rape, incest, and abuse?" said dozens of people that we've talked to. And the answer is yes. Reactions to this news have been a range from confusion to pleasant surprise. Dozens of /mlp/ users and even several Horse-News staff members will be on-hand and providing supplies to the "Tracy Cage Charity Train" merch table. Merch will include t-shirts, buttons, art-prints, official merchandise, postcards, random knick-knacks and "Pinkie-Ponies" (horse-head finger puppets).

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