20 artists announced for the 4/20 convention


Know that one convention that we keep posting about? It's officially a month away now. Then we'll have OTHER stuff to get bombarded with press releases about (>implying other cons will send HN PR materials). But until then, here's our nearly-nightly update from BABS and that love-machine Borg. Tonight, we have the lineup announced for their concerts.
There are 2 nights of concerts, Friday the 18th and Saturday the 19th.

Friday Night has Omnipony, Taps, Cyril the Wolf, Tarby, f3nning, Derpidety, Automatic Jack, Donn DeVore, Metajoker, and Skyline. Saturday has Eurobeat Brony (Odyssey),  Salvia Silva Hound, Mic the Microphone, Poni1Kenobi, IbeConCept (ibeabronyrapper), djtetsuo, Garnika, Additive Subtractive, Knights of the Crystal Empire, and Nexgen.

By our count that's 21 20 different people, 10 per night, and according to the schedule, approximately 12 total hours of music. If you actually manage to make it through half of a day of pure pony-music, you deserve an award of some kind, representative of your strength of resolve.
Come to think of it, we know just the thing:

We'll call it something original - "The Golden Helmets".

While we're on the topic and you've somehow made it this far, in other BABScon news, the /mlp/-sponsored "Tracy Cage Charity Train" has passed it's original goal, with over a month left in the campaign. The RAINN donations are currently at $1337. Yes. That's right. 1337. Surely this is just a coincidence.
There is still plenty of time to donate to make sure this DOESN'T end on a joke-note. If you're considering donating, donations can be made in virtually any amount and are tax-deductable.

Also: This won the St. Patrick's Day competition.

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