The sad, confusing tale of Powershy

The /mlp/ humanization community has been dealing with drama as of late that, surprisingly, has nothing to do with the skin color of the characters.

Remember kids: Its not racist to have token minorities in your art.

Beginning late last year, the community has been essentially taken over by an autistic anon who would have a humanization general, but without the “General” tag that immediately sends all of 4chan into asshurt mode. One of the issues was that he would use the same image as the OP pic:

No one told you to wear it, Sweetheart.

Normally, if this was the only thing he/she/zy/zo or whatever stupid gender identity we use today was doing, many would call that anon a faggot and leave it at that. Unfortunately, it didn't stop there. For you see, whenever someone attempted to make their own Powershy free humanization thread, they would be met with this:

Whoever the “Powershy Autist” was, they did not seem to like anyone else treading on their internet turf, which is as petty as fighting for “Horsefame”. Not to mention the fact that the Powershy Anon would shitpost that thread while simultaneously bumping his with more, lower-quality, artwork.

With the lower-quality pieces CLEARLY being the reason everyone was shitting on his threads (to speak lightly of his his insufferable nature), Powershy needed a way to make himself feel validated in life. One route he took was the draw threads, which were already embattled with their own shitposters. With lack of mod control and the cries from the artists for help embattling the shitposters falling on deaf ears, Powershy made himself at home, where he attempted in vain to get more Powershy art. He received this in response:

Careful what you wish for :^)
Sick of Powershy Anon’s shit, A collaborative effort of Humizedfags, Drawfags, and Anons in general have launched an all out shit storm against Powershy Anon. The campaign resulted in Powershy Anon’s ban and overall dismissal as just another /mlp/ autist. For now, Powershy still posts, and those posts have been met with the shitposting, dubs, and epic maymayz that we have came to expect from anons responding to unpopular threads, and In this reporter’s opinion: god speed anons, you are making /mlp/ a nicer place to post the important stuff like waifu, clop, and drama threads.

Fuck, I swear I had a reason to post this.


After seeing this article posted, the aforementioned "Powershy" went full damage-control, dropping his name and pleading for this piece of glorious journalism to be removed.

Our on-the-scene reporter wasn't about to be moved by such petty attempts. He attacked our right to press, and that wasn't going to fly.

After continuous pleading to do anything for this article to be removed, he began bargaining, declaring he'd stop making threads, cease his namefaggotry, and the like. Finally, the straw the broke our horse's back;

And finally;


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  1. >Powershy practically begging to get this article removed

    My sides are in orbit

    1. >my sides are in orbit
      Nice meme, pal! :^)

  2. >someone is calling my anonymous posts on the internet out for faggotry
    >I must remove all evidence!

    pretty sure that was just trolling

  3. good job Rarifag


    1. Thanks Chelis, he made the original article. I just did my own special brand of PR.

    2. You should update the article again, some of the shit he's said is just too funny.

      Also you better start on those extra articles

  4. >he's still complaining in the thread over something that will never affect him ever again
    But why

  5. Shit, I went into that thread because he was shitting up the older Humanized with "This is real one" and shit. So I used my pass to spam it with Octavia, Rainbow Dash, and Spitfire to help kill the image limit. Didn't think he'd go full autismal. Good work, HN, you're doing God's work.

    -MGA, for those who knew me.

  6. What about the draw thread? He didn't swear to quit being a faggot and requesting his tank breasted fantasy there. His shitposting in an image dump thread doesn't even compare to fucking up one of the largest content creating threads on the whole board. Fuck him. Also you guys should totally think of posting the comic silence drew of him.

    1. lol
      drawthread is already fucked.
      It has been getting shitposted by [s4s] faggots for months.
      mods don't care.

    2. Seems as though lately he's been going after Silence in particular.

  7. 4Chan is an adult site, its not a religious or a place to discussing something like that.

    kind of shit thread like this is made for flaming purpose.
    -shit thread
    -shit topic
    -shit art
    -and shit concept

    we already have a couple hot topic:
    -Adult male watching little girl's show
    -Lauren Faust vision's.
    -Cartoon VS Anime

    we no need kind of shit thread like OP's talking about.