But do you get to fuck the horses? - REAL Dating Sim rises from Dark Skye's ashes

Following news that the popular Dark Skyes project is, in fact, a hoax, some interesting and unexpected news has been released by the lovely Pukey Poney: The project is not dead. It lives.

Pukey Poney, the original artist of the Dark Skyes Scam, who was deceived into its creation, is working with some friends to make the project become real despite what Sam "Dick Swallower" Hyde might have to say. To quote Pukey Poney:

Just an update on the situation,  a programmer friend and I have decided to make the game for free ourselves. Of course, it's not going be as incredible a game as the MDE guys are claiming, but it will be a real game. Here is a video link that shows some of what been made so far.

>not "It's Always Sunny in Fillydelphia"

This video shows a much-less-fantastic but rather realistic-looking project with Pukey Pony's art. What will come of this project? It remains to be seen. One question still remains.

Do you get to fuck the horses?

Comments (5)

  1. >oreimo OP music for the pink pony
    lel, why would anyone use recognizable music. Hopefully it's just placeholder.

    1. speaking of music, what the hell was that cringeworthy engrish nip music at the very end

      These guys have a long way to go, not just in the music aspect, but hopefully they'll at least get something interesting done. I do like Pukey Pony's art style

    2. The video description says it's all placeholder.

    3. Thank the lord

      [spoiler]I hope the atrocious writing is as well

  2. I'll keep on eye on Always Sunny in Dark Skyes. Hoping it gets finished and released. I've watched a lot of promising projects on Lemma Soft stop updating, and never amount to anything more than a concept or a demo.

    If they need help with writing, art, or programming, they will benefit by politely asking for assistance.