Poll involving ponies must be rigged - Internet Outrage - also New Episode info

The internet brony community was in an uproar today over the blatant and malicious rigging of a super-serious online poll hosted by a TV listings site. Signs clearly pointed to the results being the work of an elite group of super-hackers working around-the-clock to give the fandom a bad name.  The poll, being hosted on "Zap2it.com" shows over 10,000 ratings being cast for My Little Pony Friendship is Magic, yielding a 5.1/5 rating. This means that on a scale of 1-5, the average rating is more stars than are physically available.
"Truely these people are worse than Hitler." - Gandhi
Due to the fact that the listing page does not allow for the posting of comments it is difficult to rank how fiercely upset the community is about this incredibly serious offense to the credibility of the fandom. Fans of "Young Justice" are especially outraged that their show doesn't even have upcoming showtimes listings anymore, much less a 102% approval rating. Sources confirm that numerous emails are being composed right this moment, begging zap2it to remove this corrupt poll, while everyone places blame on 4chan for rigging it.

Through the rage, many fans overlooked a much less noticeable note on the page, mentioning the fact that information is now available for an upcoming episode of My Little Pony.

My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic Somepony to Watch Over Me

S04, E17()
Apple Bloom has to prove to Applejack that she doesn't need her to constantly watch over her. 
We here at Horse-News condemn such malicious atrocities as rigging online web-polls, though we know of no instance where such a thing has ever happened before.

Not. One.

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  1. horse news is actually a fine news site. thank you.

    1. Your mom is a fine news site. She knows how to get the headlines done right.

  2. I wonder why most sites even bother having a contest that involves mlp versus other shows, they know how it is going to end, surely they must by now?

  3. This isn't really a contest or a poll... more of a rating system and it's been at 5.1/5 stars for over a month now.

    That said, it's still funny as hell.

  4. And don't forget Dub the Dew, though it wasn't us that rigged that one.
    Interestingly, "Applejack" got to second place through legit votes.