2 tickets to paradise - or BABScon, whichever is closer

Note to photo editor: Wingboner should be censored too.
In honor of >tfw no waifu Day, BABScon will be holding an art contest to win things. What kind of things you ask? Well clearly you didn't read the headline Things like FREE CON ADMISSION. That's right, just like Sailors on shore-leave in San Francisco, winners get a 3-day pass.

What do you have to do to win a pair of tickets for you and your tulpa? Flood the hashtag #LoveBABS with crudely-drawn MS-paint ponies and pictures of yourselves kissing real horses Submit "art" involving Golden Gates that represents Valentines day Hearts and Hooves day via the #LoveBABS hashtag on the tweeter, or photos that represent loneliness love on the same hashtag.

Officially speaking, you can only enter once per category, and you need to tag the BABScon twitter to be entered. Extra points if you ship Golden Showers Gates with Newsie. Or Tracy. Points deducted if you ship her with Faget Faggotson. Pictures should also be PG. This is really important appraently.
So Fire up those tablets and webcams, there's no way this can backfire!

For those of you who may not know, Valentines day is Friday the 14th. Winners will be picked on Saturday, following the episode.

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  1. >tfw no time for drawing some Faget Faggotson X Golden gates
    Life is pain

  2. >No official announcement
    >No art submitted using the tag
    >Only given two days

    fake and gay

    1. Forget this, they just confirmed this? But how did horse news know before it was announced?