Horse-News Special: Those we've lost

Don't forget, you're on the ride forever
Recently, there's been an influx of death and feelsy material in the fandom and on the board. A child attempted suicide, feels threads rain supreme, ponies ponder their lives and choices, and tonight, we seem to have lost another good anon. It's because of these events that Horse-News has decided to take on a more morbid subject for the ones we've lost on /mlp/. The ones who won't be getting a charity or Fox News article any time soon.

Today at 8:22pm EST, an anon (who we'll refer to as Hero In) showed his heroin stash, announcing he wanted to end it all and meet our waifus in Equestria. As normal /mlp/ protocol, most called him on his bullshit.

 But as the thread continued and actual proof was posted, including fresh photos with no matches on a google search. He also began posting, what we assume, are some of his last replies, shared with /mlp/.

Soon, after a couple of pics and a few replies, the thread was scruffied because, hey, fuck us. Several thread were put up trying to find him (also scruffied), including one by Capper, which has led to this moment. Hero-In, in our own autistic way, you will be remembered (if you're not le ebin ruseman)


However, this is not the first time /mlp/ has lost a poster. The board-favorite writefag and /k/ommando known as "Strelnikov" reportedly ended his own suffering after fighting battle with a terminal disease.  In October of 2012, the loud Russian left this world to challenge demons to vodka-chugging contests for all eternity. He was commemorated as "Tripfag of the Year" in 2012 by the board.

Strelnikov on Ponychan.
Strelnikov was not the only one lost that year. In November of 2012, the board was gripped by the tale of an anon named Kevin, who was in the hospital dying of lymphoma.

He reported back to the board to keep him company in his final days, as he struggled to keep himself together, often showing optimism that he could in fact make it through. Unfortunately, Kevin never did recover from his fight. One day, Kevin just stopped posting.

Kevin's last post
Other posters have come and gone as well, some with loftier supposed final wishes than others. And as history cruely repeats itself, new posters will end up leaving us too.  RIP in peace boys. See you fuckers in Equestria

~Critic and Capper

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  1. rest in peace, good article. seemed like a normal looking dude.

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  3. and here i am just dumping porn, but im sure thats how they wouldve wanted it

    1. It's the only way to truly remember those glorious bastards

  4. Saw that thread but didn't open. Was his favorite horse white? if so we should make white horse threads to morn him

  5. Becoming an hero is not, never has been, and never will be the pathway to Equestria.

  6. God Bless Kevin. RIP in peace man.

  7. Why all the feels lately? It hurts.

  8. Rest in peace sweet Prince!

  9. You forgot clopwork, who committed suicide as well.

  10. 1) 4chan is not your personal blog, and never will be. If you need help, contact a suicide hotline. It is common not to run big stories on suicide in the media as to not glorify it in some way. Same here: It's basically attention-whoring, and personally, I don't want more people attention-whoring.
    2) It's not show- or fandom-related, and probably better off on /adv/.
    3) It leads to trolling and shitposting.
    FYI, janitors are just members of the community who can delete posts and submit ban requests. They're nor/mlp/eople as well.

  11. i-iam just sweating from my eyes!

  12. that would imply scruffy actually cares for the show, at all, in any way

  13. Despite everything that /mlp/ is notoriously known in the fandom by, most people tend to forget that while yes, we are the bottom where everything that is vile comes (aside from Tumblr, but fuck that), we are still people, and being on the board from the start, I remember almost all of the major names that have come and gone. I wasn't in the thread where Hero-In was posting, but I caught wind of it later on, and if he really is gone, I hope he's made it successfully to Equestria. It's the least he deserves.

  14. Respect to the fallen.

    RIP in peace, Hero In

    RIP in peace, Strelnikov

    RIP in peace, Kevin

  15. Scruffy does care.

  16. Geez, dude. Regardless of how things ended up, I hope they all got a little piece of Equestria before it ended for them.

    In the moments leading up to your death, it's a great comfort. Death is the last terror.

  17. God, I remember when this site was good and Capper didn't drink the Kool-Aid.

    Needs more Strelnikov caps though, you can't just ride Hero-in's dick and ignore Strel.