My Little Porny Cast Interviews - Q&A with Kara Chiffon (Jessi Slaughter)

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The PixelVixen's "My Little Porny" adult film was recently released on DVD. The cast of the film have been kind enough to grant Horse-News a series of Q&A's to get a bit of insight about themselves, as well as the film.
Tonight, Kara Chiffon, the Rainbow-haired-character actress, and self-proclaimed "dick wild, dirty mouthed, gun slingin, tobacco chewin, smut peddler" gave us a few minutes of her time.

Bold: Horse-News
Replies: Kara

Name: Kara Chiffon (aka Jessi Slaughter)


34" 26" 38"

Where are 'yall from? 
We're from all over the world!

Were you a fan of My Little Pony before the film? 
Every since I was a kid.

Are you involved in the fandom in any way (other than this project)/do you frequent any brony/nerd sites? 
No I do not.

Whose idea was this project? 
Why Noel Cypress of course!

How many people were on the production team? 
....uhhhh, I'm not sure.

About how many copies do you think this project might sell? 
Oh I think we are going to do very well with this project. 
People constantly ask me when they DVD will be for sale. I'm excited!

Who IS your favorite pony? 

Favorite Episode? 
All of them.

Our readers are very interested in your ink, can we see any close-up pics? 
I have lots of pictures of my ink via or on Instagram @abcdHIV

What was your favourite scene? 
Um def my threesome anal scene in the barn!

Cosplay seems to be a hobby of yours, who is your favorite character (not necessarily pony) to cosplay as? 
Bible Black, forever and always. 

What other hobbies do you have? 
I sew a lot, like a lot A LOT. Also hanging out with my pups, and cooking. Lol

What is your favorite cartoon besides ponies? 
Old school black and white cartoons from the 1920's

Which of the characters in the show do you think has the best sex life? 
Dash, and Applejack. They totally get together and I know they get freaky.

Did you know any of your co-stars before this film? 
Yes I did.

Which pony do you think tastes the best? 
Thats hard to say when they're all so sweet :P

Do you clop? 
Do you?

How many other flicks have you been in? 
Only just this one unless you count my first girl/girl video with Noel I did last year as stockings and kneesocks for Oh and I also just did a super hardcore guy/girl Valentines video for PV as Misty from Pokemon. That was awesome!

From Kara's Tumblr

What was the most fun/interesting scene you've ever been involved in? 
Anal barn scene. For sure.

Do you think there needs to be more male characters involved? 
I think we had the perfect amount. Though I do think a Dashie gang bang would have been awesome!

Have you ever gone to/would you consider going to a brony convention, or any other nerdy con?
I did think about going to bronycon last year, didn't make it but there is always this year!

How long is it? (The movie we mean) 
You know what, I'm not actually sure. Long enough to clop! Lol

Who picked the name "Jessi Slaughter"? 
I gave myself that name my first year ever at Dragoncon

If you had a cutie mark, what do you think your special talent would be? 
Deep throating, for sure hah!

Is there anything you want to tell our readers about yourself or the movie? 
It was really fun and is going to be really hot and goofy and everyone needs to own a copy!

Do you have any other upcoming projects? has a few things in the works yes, let me just say it is going to be a bad ass year for our site :)

Can we expect a sequel (My Little Porny 2: Erotic Scootaloo)? 
If the first video does well I should say so. So make sure you tell all your friends!

Who else should we talk to? 
All my other ponies of course!

And we will! Stay tuned for upcoming interviews from the rest of the cast, as well as a video interview with Cupcake Codex.

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  1. >Who is your favourite pony
    >What's your favourite episode
    >All of them

    Let me guess, she doesn't even watch the shwo

    1. No shit. Did you read the interview?

    2. I think that's kinda obvious, just like how she REALLY likes taking it up the pooper in a barn..

  2. Jessi Slaughter? As in bitchy, "you don't phase me", "brain slushies" Jessi Slaughter? She got into porn?

  3. >Jessi Slaughter
    That has got to be a coincidence

  4. Wait...that's not THE Jessi Slaughter per her ED page, I hope.

  5. I don't think this is the Jessi Slaughter that pissed off 4chan so much... they just have the same scene girl name. She's hot at least. You can tell she gives absolutely no fucks about the show at all... she just wants to get paid. She's probably seen a few episodes, but she was probably so high she doesn't remember any of it.

  6. It's up to you to be done goofying and backtrace her old pictures to know she is indeed the same person.

  7. The Jessi Slaughter from youtube is 16-17 right now, so highly doubtful. You're welcome! This Jessi Slaughter is hot!

  8. She was my least favorite in the film. Her dialog during sex was fucking retarded. Her acting was the worst out of all of them. She just seemed like a stupid bitch. Reading this interview confirmed this. Mindless skank.

  9. Had to say she was my favorite just because she took it as serious as I did, which was very little. The sex was good (although her dialog was horrible to say the least, her quotes were cut and dry), and I felt she was at least having a little bit of fun. The guy playing Twilight, I felt was likely the true brony here, he seemed the type.

    This whole thing was just cringe, and I loved it! It was like the ET porno all over again! So bad it's good. I'd like a DVD version with all the sex removed and just the cut scenes. I'd pay for that, I'd pay EXTRA for that!....

    Also this chick is hella hot. Yum yum!