My Little Porny Cast Interviews Part 2 - Q&A with Noel Cypress

The PixelVixen's "My Little Porny" adult film was recently released on DVD. The cast of the film have been kind enough to grant Horse-News a series of Q&A's to get a bit of insight about themselves, as well as the film. 
Noel Cypress, Apple enthusiast and "nerdy porn emperor" told us a little about herself and the recently released Pony-Porn-Parody, following Rainbow-pony Kara's interview earlier tonight. Second place again!

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Responses: Noel
Noel Cyprus
I am 23!
That's for me to know ;)
Where are you from? 
The internet? Yes. I live in your internetzz.
Were you a fan of My Little Pony before the film? 
Yep! It's my go-to show when Im feeling down or sick. I've blasted through the first and second seasons so many times I can't even count everytime Im sick.
Are you involved in the fandom in any way (other than this project)/do you frequent any brony/nerd sites? 
I frequent r/mlp and r/clopclop but I never post anything - too shy I guess! Haha
Whose idea was this project? 
The fans! We made the idea to make a DVD - however we left it up to the contributing fans on what we would parody. MLP won by a land slide.
How many people were on the production team?
Well there were six actors, one of the actors (me) was also apart of the crew. So in total there were...about 11 of us on the team. Very small production.
About how many copies do you think this project might sell? 
Who knows? :)
Who IS your favorite pony? 
Pinkie! Definitely pinkie. Pinkie is totally best pony.
Favorite Episode? 
Ooo that's a toughy. I'd have to say...The Sonic Rainboom episode when you get to see all the origin stories of the mane six.
What was your favorite scene? 
In that episode? Pinkies hair fluffing up! Oh wait.. you mean the DVD. Oh man, probably the Flutters/Discordia scene. The girls were so funny and perfectly in character. Plus all the hijinks behind the scenes were simply hilarious. Loved every moment of it!
Who is your favorite character (not necessarily pony) to cosplay as? 
Alice from Alice in Wonderland! She's my all time favorite cosplay ever. Period. Close second would be Saria from Zelda: Ocarina of Time.
What other hobbies do you have? 
Oh the usual - video games, phone apps, reading, watching anime, and all that jazz!
What is your favorite cartoon besides ponies? Can I use an anime? If so - The first and second season of Digimon.
From Noel's Twitter
Which of the characters in the show do you think has the best sex life? 
Oh god. Fluttershy. Behind that shy demeanor I just -know- there's this awesome dominatrix that will spank your ass and demand you call her daddy. We actually use this theory in the DVD for our "flutters".
Did you know any of your co-stars before this film? 
Yep! I knew most of them, actually. Cupcake, Rhyan Rotten, and Stud Muffin were the only ones I'd not met in real life yet. But I'd known all the others decently well before shooting. We're all close friends now! It's super great.
Which pony do you think tastes the best? 
Pinkie. She's called "pie" for a reason! ;)
Do you clop? 
Like... masturbate? Yes I masturbate.
How many other flicks have you been in? 
Well I've been in many short videos for Pixel Vixens and my own site - but this is the first full feature film.
What was the most fun/interesting scene you've ever been involved in? 
As I said before, acting wise this is the first full feature film I've been apart of, so I only really have my scene to come to mind! So... I guess my threesom scene with Jessi Slaughter and Raiden Centaur!
Do you think there needs to be more male characters involved? Well that really matters. When we put together projects for Pixel Vixens, we ask the girls first who they're willing to work with. We never go straight to them and go "ok you're in a boy girl scene today annnnnd...". I just feel like that over steps boundaries. So when girls say "I'll do a scene with this person, that person, and this person." all I have to say is GREAT! because they're wanting to be apart of it. So long as people enjoy watching the sex, I dont really mind if it's girl/girl, boy/girl, ect ect!
Have you ever gone to/would you consider going to a brony convention, or any other nerdy con? 
We've gone to many conventions already! And we may be making an appearance at a pony con in the near future, so keep your eyes open on our updates!
How long is it? (The movie we mean) : 
An hour and a half!
If you had a cutie mark, what do you think your special talent would be?: 
A hitachi magic wand? haha. That or food -because Im pretty good at eating. Im a glutton. hah.
Is there anything you want to tell our readers about yourself or the movie? 
I just hope everyone enjoys it! I think the main thing I'd want to remind people is this is a PORN PARODY - meaning don't take it seriously! We purposely made it silly and jokey! You should be able to laugh AND fap.
Do you have any other upcoming projects? 
Many! We're still in planning for our next few DVDs.
Can we expect a sequel (My Little Porny 2: Erotic Scootaloo)? 
Probably not erotic scootaloo, but the talks of sequels -have- come up. If we -did- do a sequel, it'd probably be about the main six background ponies (Lyra, BonBon, Dr.Whooves, Derpy, Octavia, and DJPON3)
Who else should we talk to? 
I think you've pretty much covered all the ladies! Neither of our male actors have social media yet for their porn personas :) 
Our crew is covering BABScon in San Francisco and Bronycon in Baltimore this year - would you or the girls be interested in attending either of those?
Its a possibility. The con would have to approach us about having us on for entertainment.

2 down more to come, Stay tuned for upcoming interviews from the rest of the cast, as well as a video interview with Cupcake Codex.

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  2. This girl sounds like a total bro.

    Like, I could totally just hang with her and not be intimidated by the porn star thing at all.

    1. I actually know this girl personally, she is a fucking riot

  3. Without reading anything about porn, you would never think she was a porn star. I think I have a bad stereotype about porn stars. This is actually the first interview I've ever read of a porn star. She seems pretty cool.

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      She's an amateur, I doubt most professional porn stars are like this

    2. Most pros are chiller and more easy going than her

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  5. Well, when I watched that film I though that it's was a shit. But, now reading that the scrypt and all that kind of things were made by this girl, I changed a little bit my opinion, considering that she was interestest in doing something for the fandom (I think). The movie is a shit, but this girl for me is really awesome!. (Sorry for my bad english)

  6. "...If we -did- do a sequel, it'd probably be about the main six background ponies (Lyra, BonBon, Dr.Whooves, Derpy, Octavia, and DJPON3).."

    But if they do it more professional, obviusly