My Little Porny Cast Interviews Part 3 - Q&A with Reverend Arielle

The PixelVixens "My Little Porny" cast interviews continue, and this morning we get a little chaotic with the "Saint of Sexuality" from Cin-city; Reverend Arielle. The Reverend gave Horse-News a few minutes to talk about herself and the film.

Bold: Horse-News
Responses: Arielle

Where are you from? 
-Cin-City, OH
Were you a fan of My Little Pony before the film? 
-Yes! I'm a big Trek nerd and when I realized that John de Lancie was basically playing Q in cartoon form I knew I HAD to watch the show and I'm so glad I did! 
Are you involved in the fandom in any way (other than this project)/do you frequent any brony/nerd sites? 
-I go to MLP conventions but as a general rule I tend to stay away from online fan communities. 
Who IS your favorite pony?
Favorite Episode?
-Keep Calm and Flutter On! It's soooo cute and it gives me all the happy DisQord. 
You played a female version of Discord - if you had his powers to create and control, what would be the first thing you do with them?
-Make it rain chocolate milk of course! 
What was your favorite scene? 
-Besides my own scenes, I am particularly fond of the Pinkie/Mr. Pie scene! Those two are absolutely delicious together. *wink wink*
Who is your favorite character (not necessarily pony) to cosplay as?
-Right now I would have to say Velma. I debuted her at Colossalcon 2013 and every time I wear it I have such a positive experience that it's easily become my favorite. It just makes people so happy! Especially if I'm doing a group cosplay with the rest of Mystery Inc. People getting really excited and want to hug us and take pictures with us. It's like being a character at Disney World. lol
What other hobbies do you have?
-Besides baking and hosting parties most of my hobbies are work related. lol I play webmistress for several different companies as well as for myself on multiple social networking sites, write/choreograph/perform in fetish and burlesque shows, go to cons and interview guests, do photoshoots, and study like a fiend for school! 
What is your favorite cartoon besides ponies?
-Favorite cartoon is pretty much impossible to answer for me so I'll go for the one I've been watching most recently which is The Powerpuff Girls (yay Tara Strong)!
Did you know any of your co-stars before this film?
-Yes actually! I've actually been close personal friends with Lola Hart and Rhyan Rotten for several years. I met Noel Cypress and Raiden Centaur at Colossalcon 2013 and we became fast friends. 
Which pony do you think tastes the best?
-Mmm...I'll have to sample all of their flavors and get back to you on that one. lol
Do you clop? 
-lol No. *blushes* But I've never been able to get off to porn that wasn't live action so maybe My Little Porny will fix that. ^_~ 
How many other flicks have you been in? 
-Porn flicks? None! This is my very first porn DVD and I couldn't be more excited. I always said that if I ever did porn films it would have to be parody porn, so it was a crazy coincidence that Pixel Vixens had a parody porn DVD in the works when I started working for them as a model. 
What was the most fun/interesting scene you've ever been involved in?
-I did a video where I was covered in like two cans of shaving cream and had to put on red lipstick and then smoke four cigarettes at once without using my hands. That was pretty interesting. lol

From Arielle's Google+
What's your favorite position? 
- 69 with the guy or girl on top! 
Would you have preferred more male characters in the video?
- I would be open to it but I'm not going to turn down some hot girl lovin'. Maybe next time. ^_~ 
Have you ever gone to/would you consider going to a brony convention, or any other nerdy con?
- I have been to a brony con and will be doing more this year. I've been going to conventions since 2006 and don't plan on stopping anytime soon...or ever. 
What was the funniest thing that happened to you while shooting?
- There was a hilarious bee incident while shooting my outdoor scene with Rhyan Rotten, but if you want to hear the full story you'll have to listen to the DVD commentary!
If you had a cutie mark, what do you think your special talent would be?
- My cutie mark would be a hitachi magic wand and my special talent would be giving orgasms to beautiful ladies! lol
Is there anything you want to tell our readers about yourself or the movie?
- I really hope that my love for the character (and puns) shows through in my performance and that I do Discord justice. We all did a lot of work studying our characters and the show to try and make the best parody ever! 
Do you have any other upcoming projects?
- I'm always working on new stuff. Check me out online to stay updated on all of the chaos I'm creating! 
Would you return for a sequel? 
-Definitely! There is much more potential chaos that Discordia could cause! *maniacal laughter*
Where can people find more of you?
-I'm all over the social medias! But keep in mind friends that all of my pages are NSFW!

3 down, and more to come! Stay tuned!

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  1. >Incest scene between Mr. Pie (wait the Amish Guy or Mr. Cake?) and Ponk

    1. It's Mr. Cake, not Pinkie's dad. It's not incest.

  2. >3 down, and more to come!
    >more to come

  3. >you'll have to listen to the DVD commentary
    >DVD commentary

    Oh God, I HAVE to get my hands on this.

  4. >no hooves
    I'm getting too old for this shit

  5. How exactly does Arielle justify being a Christian pornstar?

  6. Is Discord even a pony? I thought he was some kind of dragon thing... I wouldn't expect her to be aware of that seeing as I don't think she's watched more than 2 episodes.

    Also except for Fluttershy and Rainbow Dash, the girls are just meh. They're not quite ugly, but they're far from hot. This one looked like she had downed a few too many Vicodin as well.

  7. I loved her in the movie.

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