Hub Posts the Breezies

Just when you thought February was over...The Hub decides to fan the flames of February '14 one final time.
Behold the "Breezies"; a tiny race of fairy-like pony creatures who...we just don't know how to feel about quite yet. The design is largely all we have to go on at the moment, without some speculation.

As we have seen in the upcoming toys, the Breezies play some role in the future episodes, with mane 6 ponies each being paired with a Breezie, a key, and a locket.
The fact the toys come with keys seems to be important...because what else in this show has keys?
Oh yeah...that thing.
Some fans of the first series may also recall a similar artifact as the toy above...
Oh, a locket that shoots rainbows?
That's probably just a coincidence. Probably. Would have nothing to do with the absence of a defense mechanism ever since the elements were reclaimed by the Tree of Harmony. February '14, you earned your place in the archives. Saturday, here we come.
This animation appeared a mere hour and a half after posting.

Comments (4)

  1. How do I feel any more?
    What is this?
    Why do I care?

  2. >Not waifuing a breezy

  3. >Just when you thought February was over...
    All of this constant doomsday shit all the time is why we can't have nice things.