FlamingoRich is a crook (UPDATE)

Rich off your shekels
There's a few things on the ride that have been come to be accepted as absolute facts. Tara Strong is a tease, Autism is our second language, Rarity is worst pony, FinalDraft is a bitch, and Double Rainboom was garbage on many different levels. But with recent developments behind the scene since it's sudden removal, it appears another fact could be rising to the surface.

FlamingoDick is a crook.

This post is actually a follow up to the original post detailing the deletion of DoubleRainboom, where we first got speculation of the possible theft that went on and the story behind the actual deletion. It IS known that the public reason was complete shit, keep in mind. Now, after time has passed, two users by the names of Slashy and Lord Bababa have hoarded information and chat logs for proof. 

Our first piece of evidence is this side by side comparison of the DHX models and the ones used in the shit taco known as Double Rainboom.

Bigger version here
Now to those of you who are not animation buffs, myself included, what you're seeing on these two models are the wireframes for the puppets (please, animationfags, have mercy on me if I mess some lingo up). The bad thing here is that the wireframes on both stallion models match up, 100%, to a pixel sized level. 

Now there's two possibilities coming from this match up. Either everyone on the project are some of the cream of the crop designer and animators to grace their field and spent countless free hours building up each model from beginning to end, so talented they were not only able to copy exactly how the objects looked, but how it was built as well. Or there's the more likely idea that he stole them from DHX media. 

Now, keep in mind, the staff was allowed to use the likeness of Hasbro's characters, not the real DHX puppets. Some very helpful users at mlpforums also provided evidence to support the theft. This could mean, not only the possibility of his expulsion, but serious legal trouble as well. However, stealing official models isn't the only fucked up thing involving StarRingoSlick. 

FloppyDingoDick has screwed a lot of you out of your money, what with his "pay for me to come to convention" (look at ALL the comments for bullshit) or when he charged $30 for just a skype call. Or how about how he tried to sell someone a copy of TECHNICAL SOURCE FILES from Double Rainboom in his DeviantArt post comments?

My Little Pony: Theft is Niggerish

I'm sure that there is more as the ride continues, as well as more evidence to provide with time, but for now, please review the links and help us with any information you can find, and post in the comments with info. We will be posting more quickly written horse crap as the story unravels.

We also have a chat log with one of the staff members involved with the Double Rainboom project, thanks to based user Slashy. It involves the theft, as well as...TRUE TAILS COMING TO THE HUB? 

Horse-News would like to remind you the theft is a terrible crime, and one can only shoot someone and get away with it in Florida, so be careful.

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  1. >one can only shoot someone and get away with it in Florida

    #shotsfired #literally

    1. As an actual Florida resident I can vouch for that statement. Why just last week I shot three people outside the police department. They patted me on the back and gave me some doughnuts.

    2. Seems legit

  2. Hahaha... Oh wow

  3. Lol, jokes on you guys I was only pretending to be retarded

  4. >FloppyDingoDick

    laughed harder than I should have

    1. I couldn't read the article with a straight face XD

  5. [2/3/2014 22:35:53] Alex Chisholm: zachary and everyone else does not care for the opinion of the mlp fandom

    You mean the people who got your sorry ass in the spotlight to begin with? Phuck these fags in their faces

  6. That's nice and all, but

    1. Although he was responsible as the project leader, We can't guarantee Zack is to blame for using these puppets, it could have been anyone on the project who didn't give a shit and didn't tell anyone that he did.

    2. Din't Snowdrop also have a C&D? Has anyone looked into that to see if they too where using DXH files? (I also heard some of the same people worked on Snowdrop of Double Rainboom)

  7. This is what happens when someone who has no idea what they're talking about throws accusations around.
    Okay, so the jaw is traced perfectly or copied. What about the rest of the puppet?
    ALL of the Double Rainboom rigs are avaliable for free download. So why aren't similar comparisons done with the rest? Because then the inconvenient differences in the puppets start showing up VERY clearly.
    Like this:

    BUT NO. That doesn't feed the fire, so lets keep that hush hush.

    1. You idiot it's because the stolen assets in this case are just the mouths, not the whole puppet. And it's still enough to incriminate.