/mlp/ v /s/ - The Miracle of >rape

How l-lewd...
Earlier this week, /mlp/ under ShadowTester and /s/ under Amis duked it out on the divegrass field for the right to continue to compete in the Winter Cup, advance to the Round of 16, and kiss survival in the elite leagues in a sweet embrace. What followed was potentially the most hype match of the Group Stage, with emotions running high and a very strict set of requirements in place for Team Horse to advance; Win, or go back to Spring.

The Man of the Match, and the
hero /mlp/ needs
The match started like any other, with high-impact sexual Giddying Up and Amis's lewd ladies getting hawney. A large amount of the opening game was spent traversing one of the pitch to the other, shots from BANNED and Stacy's Mom being answered with shots from a short-but-sturdy Best Pony and >rape who appeared to finally clear the blockage in his throat.

The passing game heated up, with midfielder Lyra Plushie proving to be a man and doing its best to get the ball ahead to players who were super-charged by the direness of the match. A throughball to Faust looked incredibly promising, but her scarf tightened a bit too much and she failed to get the ball past the soft tender hands of Groped.

Wings flared, confidence high, Alicorn Twilight sped past the /s/ defenders, >rape some distance away being 100% manly and out-styling the busty defense. Knowing these girls were too much for him, he mustered his power and passed it, and with one final flap of her mighty wings, the princess put the ball in at the 40' mark. Cheers erupted in the stadium; all /mlp/ had to do was maintain this score and they would advance to the knockouts. 
Suddenly, the sky turned black, the clouds rumbled in, and lightning struck. Thunder Thighs and Stacy's Mom started to get it going on, cracking through line after line of /mlp/ defender. A throw-in and two passes later, Team Horse was BANNED from the rest of the Winter Cup with ~40 minutes to try and get another goal. The stalwart forces of /s/ snapped their massive bras together, and repelled attack after attack by Tracy and Best Pony, with the former getting an incredible shot in just before injury time started. The 90th minute hit, and it looked like it was all but over for the ponies.

Suddenly, Twilicane bombed the ball back across the pitch, landing it into Best Pony's tiny legs. She was assaulted by the opposition, each trying to smother her. She saw her chance, and gave the mighty >rape one last chance of redemption. Just like Bert before him, >rape charged ahead, ball in tow, and at the 90+3' mark, sunk a goal. The explosion of cries and whinnies from the fans was heard across all boards, and managers from all corners of the circlejerk began to cry out in equal volume of joy and despair. /s/ manager Amis was seen storming off the field, /trv/'s MauledBytheTigers consoling him, reassuring that the loss was only due to him being "PES'd".

The miracle goal (and entire match) can be seen here. Miracle goal is best seen starting at 35:51.

After the match, I was able to chase down two of the /mlp/ managers, and get their input on the affair. ShadowTester was lucky to be wearing scuba gear as he would have been drowning in pussy otherwise, and scribbled this out on a pair of pantsu for Horse News,
"I hope we don't have to go through that again. Now I gotta go shower"
Running past, clenching his precious Lyra Plushie, Background Pony stopped and gave us a little more insight,
"Well, I thought we were done for sure. I tested my ass off versus /s/, and wasn't able to find anything. If it wasn't for Shadow's last-minute tactics and Based >rape, /mlp/ would be in Spring for sure."

Looking ahead to the Round of 16, /mlp/ finds itself against an old foe, the spooky, scary, /x/. Best of luck to Team Horse!

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  1. I thought muh heart was going to explode at that last-second-goal

  2. That was truly one of the greatest things I've seen this year. I still get hyped as fuck watching replays of that.

    Also, this: http://youtu.be/priBqQlvILk

  3. >Suddenly, Twilicane bombed the ball back across the pitch, landing it into Best Pony's tiny legs. She was assaulted by the opposition, each trying to smother her. She saw her chance, and gave the mighty >rape one last chance of redemption.

    That's not really how it happened.
    AutismiE -> Cheeselegs -> Twily -> Tracy -> Best Pony -> Twily -> >rape

    Pardon the Autism :^)

    1. Cheeselegs needs more recognition. Her contribution to defense really helped a lot, considering how defense was /mlp/'s weak spot.

  4. And this is why anyone wanting to seriously sack >rape needs to STFU. >rape is a glorious mixture of fail and, well, raep.

  5. /biz/ foretold our victory, and it was so. /mlp/ is the prodigal son, and >rape is our messiah.

    Also nice poster, who made it :^)

  6. where do you get those /mlp/ vs. ____ posters?

    1. http://pastebin.com/3wRPJsez

  7. WINTER >RAPE UP approved :^)

    Love, [s4s], excited to see our beloved esfores-tan grill hosting your ebin news broadcast