Dr. Drew on Bronies "My Crazy Obsession"

I want to inflate inside Rainbow Dash.
Dr. Drew is fixing himself to be 2014's Howard Stern. The last horse finally limps to the barn and decided to detail bronies on the segment "My Crazy Obsession" during his show yesterday. What follows has bronies everywhere enraged at being so misrepresented. And they're right; most bronies don't look NEARLY this good.
The segment begins with this warning.
If only this appeared before the actual episodes.
Dear. God. YES. Straight to the clop right out of the gate! The gray-haired HLN "journalist" then proceeds to introduce his guest, billed as a Rainbow Dash cosplayer. Immediately you might fear the worst, after having seen Jerry Springer's "cosplayers", but what you see is an absolute shock.
Look at that jawline. Just the right amount of scruff.
Holy shit, that guy is kawaii handsome as fuck. The "journalist" then proceeds to dump all his cards on the table, revealing that he clearly knows nothing about the topic, as he assumes this is the Rainbow Dash outfit.
No you filthy casual, THIS is his Rainbow Dash outfit.
How did they manage to find, both the best representative for the fandom,
 but simultaneously worst representative of cosplay? 
The guest informs his FIVE PERSON PANEL of interviewers of this fact, and the pot-shots begin.
You have gimp. Use it.
This chick, who is too unimportant for us to look up how to spell her name, (we are told it's Jillian or something like that) proceeds to ask the fan with the markedly feminine vocal tone, the question that we here at Horse-News were shocked that it took them a whole 70 seconds to ask; "It's cute for my 6-year-old daughter, it's just plain creepy on a man. Do you have a girlfriend, do you still live at home, what's your story?" Then the red-head in the very professional leopard-print up top chimes in with "In a basement?"
Look at that dinosaur. Also look at the dude in the dragon hoodie.
Without skipping a beat, our champion proceeds to inform the ignorant masses "Well, I'm gay". The reaction faces above say it all. In the back of our heads we're screaming "REKT!" Didn't see that one coming did ya?"
Dr. Drew definitely didn't as he reels back, his eyes dart around in confusion and his jawline hangs agape in shock. "A homosexual? On MY show?" It could happen, only on the HLN. Oh but there's no stopping this train, choo choo the 6:10 to drama is leaving the station. Jennings - the guy in the Spike costume - just keeps on chugging, informing his hosts, still reeling from the revelation of his sexual identity, that most bronies are heterosexual, and gives one of the most reasoned, agreeable assessments of the the appeal of the show.

"The brony culture you know is really as men we're supposed to be like as big as he-men and just like destroy things all the time. The male draw to My Little Pony is that we get to watch something fun that has some level of compassion and color and-"
Oh no he's making this seem rational! Quick somebody cut him off!
One of these people is crazy.
"YEAH FOR LITTLE GIRLS!" Excellent point what's your name, we had never considered that. You really put everything in perspective. Oh wait she's not done talking. "Is there sexual undertones or meet-ups?"
We are officially out of popcorn. "I'm just curious."

A painfully noticeable pause as Mr. Wynn considers his next move carefully.
"Not with brony culture, not that I'm aware of, as far as the sexual question".
Spoken like a true politician Jennings. But not so fast, they brought on a trump card deviant.
"Are you referring to my Pony Tail Buttplug?" says the other, thusfar mute man in the corner (his name is Mike apparently).

Braintrust in action.
"I knew you had one, I was not referring to that" 
Dr. Drew, how in the blue Hell do you know about your guest owning a My Little Pony Buttplug, but NOT know who Rainbow Dash is? "I know that's the kind of stuff that people get into..."
This sounds an awful lot like "So I have this friend who is a clopper..."
Dr. Drew then inquires further into his guest's horse-related sexual endeavors.
"Sexual Horse-play and being a fan of a show are two different things..." Which is true. One is much more entertaining than the other. The hosts just are not going to have it though, reverting back to "It's creepy even if you're gay". Then the mongoloid  Mike basically says he doesn't get the appeal. But forget having an answer because they will conveniently run out of time before Mr. Wynn gets a chance to reply, or before anyone will get the chance to question Dr. Drew who he ships, and how big his Molestia folder is. 

Which of these men would you rather be?
It's fantastic that these people can bring on a person to treat them like a freak-show, only to appear more disturbed themselves.
Mike there has a ponytail butt plug.
Imagine that.

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  1. Was that segment always supposed to be only 3 minutes long, or did the producers cut it short when they realized that their best laid plans to make fun of a brony for not having a girlfriend and liking girly things were ruined when he revealed he was gay so they cut his time short?

    1. It sure seems like they were planning on this being much longer.
      You wouldn't bring on 5 fucking panelists for a 3 minute segment

    2. I think it's always like that they bring in one person and then hammer them with the worst questions they can then there out of time before they can even answer. It's all for the shock value of it even if they have to make it up.

  2. Way to stay objective.
    >do you live with your parents
    >or in a basement
    >you like the show as a child would
    >oh you're gay. I count that as a free pass
    Watching the televised Jew.

  3. Yeah, watching it, It does seem like the cut it off just as our hero Spike here could have done a pretty decent explanation. I doubt he could have explained everything, but this discussion could have gone on quite a bit longer, in any case. The appeal of the show is that it is, or was intended to be made originally for the wider audience, and not the mind numbing torture of most small kids entertainment that parents and older siblings are generally forced to watch at some point in their life.

    Then when you look at it from a world-building perspective, it's a major success. And it's unique in that regard, because it's a 'girl's show', which have pretty much all failed on this level in the past. It's possibility space is just as endless as every other canonical work out there that has spawned millions of fan works, like art and fanfiction. Anything that accomplishes that is worthy of my attention, barring one's own biases getting in the way.

  4. Wow, those interviewers are terrible. Starting off with 3 ad hominem attacks before he can even say a word, cutting him off every time he tries to answer a question, and not doing even 10 seconds of research on their topic. Good lord.
    It's not like this does any real damage at this point, but they are incredibly unprofessional.

  5. here's his twitter https://twitter.com/drdrew

  6. jesus christ what was the point in that interview? they made blunt statements, barely asked any questions and practically ignore the guy. they may as well just talked about the stereotypes and not called him on the show at all.

  7. I'm the Brony in this interview....and I want to HUG whoever made this article. Yea....it was ROUGH. I'm pretty sure the reason my segment was cut so short was b/c I was "supposed" to wear my Rainbow Dash costume for the interview and I 'forgot" it...the producers were pissed that I backed them into a corner right before going live trying to have Bronies be represented with dignity and respect. Thank you all for you comments on the topic and again...whoever made this article YOURE MY HERO. If any of you have further questions I'm BronyJennings on twitter, tumblr and youtube.

    1. Godspeed to you for being the hero we need.

      That segment was really hard to watch.

    2. That's actually a pretty good idea. They should interview him.

    3. Glad you saw it Mr. Wynn, perhaps Horse-News could have you on it's own interview to give you a chance to actually answer your questions.

    4. Nigga I kek'd good work

    5. Jennings you should have told Jillian she could actually watch the show. She could learn something about tolerance and manners, possibly. I suppose when you reach a certain age you just fall into that, See You Next Tuesday, forever phase.

  8. Holy shit these people were bigoted. They gsve our brony friend here NO chance to rebut their bullying and sarcastic remarks, constantly vut over him while he was explaining the fandom, and then proceeded to ask him to answer what was essentially the same question over and over. Good on him, I think he represented us beautifully!